SmartLynx flying with babies

Do I need to reserve a seat for my baby?

Up to 2 years of age, a baby may travel on the lap of an adult passenger, without booking an additional seat, or in a baby seat if an additional seat was booked. From 2 years of age, children need a separate seat on the aircraft.

If two babies travel together with an adult, an additional seat has to be booked for one of the babies and a baby seat must be used during the flight. SmartLynx does not provide baby seats.

What baggage can I take for my baby?

When traveling with your baby, you can take in the passenger cabin as personal items food that will be necessary during the flight and a baby seat (if it fits in the storage space of the cabin). Also, you can check in, free of charge and in addition to your baggage allowance, a foldable pushchair.

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