SilkAir flying with babies

How old should be my baby to travel on a SilkAir flight?

SilkAir does not recommend that passengers fly with babies within the first 7 days after birth and will not accept that passengers fly with babies within the first 48 hours after birth.

What options does SilkAir offer when traveling with an infant?

For adult passengers (at least 18 years old) traveling with infants (babies under 2 years of age), SilkAir offers two options:

  • The infant may travel on the adult passenger’s lap. A bassinet seat may be provided on request, and the infant fare will apply. In this case, each infant is required to travel with a separate adult.
  • The infant may travel in an approved child car seat. In this case, an extra seat must be purchased, and special arrangements are required.

When only one adult passenger has to travel with two infants, special arrangements, which must be made through the local SilkAir office, are required.

Infants are not permitted to travel with children and Unaccompanied Minors.

Infants (from 7 days up to less than 2 years old)

Bookings for infants can be made online, and the infant fare will apply, if, the entire journey, the infant is more than 7 days old and less than 2 years. An infant will not be eligible for the infant fare if the journey starts on or after his/her 2nd birthday even if the booking is made prior to his/her 2nd birthday. However, the child will require a seat (not bassinet seat) if he/she turns 2 years on the return leg of the journey. In order to secure this seat, you must contact the local SilkAir Reservation Office and make the booking offline, but the infant fare will still apply.

Baggage Allowance

On all SilkAir flights, infants are entitled to a 10 kg checked baggage allowance. In addition, a fully collapsible stroller/pushchair and carrycot/car seat may be checked without charge.

Infant food and amenities up to a total weight of 6 kg may be taken on board, free of charge, over and above the adult’s cabin baggage allowance. A compact foldable stroller may be carried on board only under the following conditions:

  • The stroller complies with the standard cabin bag weight and dimensions (up to 7 kg and 115 cm the sum of length, width and height) and can be stored in the overhead compartment.
  • The stroller will be counted as 1 piece of cabin bag towards your cabin baggage allowance for your class of travel. The stroller must be folded and packed into its carrier bag before boarding.


Because a limited number of bassinets are available onboard, on a first come, first served basis, you should request a bassinet upon booking. The bassinets can support a maximum weight of 14 kg and have minimum dimensions of 76.8 x 29.8 x 15.8 cm. To check availability of bassinet seats, you must contact the local SilkAir office. Bassinet requests are applicable only to SilkAir flights. If a bassinet is not available, or your baby does not fit the bassinet, the infant will have to travel on your lap. Each bassinet is attached to a bassinet seat. If a bassinet is available for your infant, then you will also get a bassinet seat, which is usually a bulkhead seat with extra legroom.

Child Car Seats

Only for children under 3 years, car seats may be used on board, secured to an aircraft passenger seat. Reserving seats for infants is not available online, but only through the local SilkAir Reservation Office, and is subject to seat availability.

The car seat must be approved either by an airworthiness authority, or under government standards, like: the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), FMVSS, UN/ECE 44, CMVSS No. 213, CMVSS No. 213.1, and AS/NZS 1754. The FAA-approved child harness is also accepted for use on SilkAir aircraft, but not all models may be fitted on Business Class seats.

The car seat must not exceed the dimensions of the aircraft seat, and should fit into the following approximate area (width x depth):

  • Economy – 17 x 27 in.
  • Business – 19 x 33 in.

Child car seats and child harnesses cannot be installed on seats from an emergency exit row, or from a row immediately before and after. The use of booster seats and child safety seats that have to be secured by a three-point harness is prohibited.

Children (2-11 years old)

Children must travel with an adult at least 18 years of age, and the child’s ticket must be bought together with an adult ticket. For children, SilkAir usually charges a percentage of the applicable adult fare, provided they are under 12 years old the entire journey. A child will not be eligible for the child fare if the journey starts on or after his/her 12th birthday even if the booking is made prior to his/her 12th birthday.

Convertible In-flight Beds for Children

Travel gadgets that convert into leg rest or in-flight beds for children may be used on board SilkAir flights. The convertible in-flight bed must be packed and stowed (in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front) during taxi, take-off, and landing and may only be used at the window seats (cannot be used in the emergency exit rows). The convertible in-flight bed should not exceed a total dimension of 115 cm (the sum of the length, width, and height of the fully deployed bed), and will be counted as part of your cabin baggage allowance.

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