Novair Baggage and Carry-on

What is the baggage allowance on Novair flights?

The baggage allowance, including hand baggage, is 20 kg per person (except infants). The weight can be distributed at will between checked and hand baggage, but the hand luggage has a maximum permitted weight of 5 kg. When booking a round trip of 21 days, the baggage allowance is 30 kg including the hand luggage.

Are there any restrictions on the size and weight of the baggage?

For the hand baggage, the weight is restricted to 5 kg, and the size to 55 x 40 x 22 cm.

For the checked baggage, there is a limit on the maximum weight per piece of 32 kg. Any piece of baggage exceeding 32 kg must either be handled as cargo, or split into more pieces.

Excess Baggage

If you exceed the baggage allowance, you will pay an overweight fee at check-in, at the airport. For flights to/from Europe, Egypt, and Jordan, the overweight fee is 80 SEK / 8 EUR / 13 USD per kilo one-way.

If you are sure that you will exceed the baggage allowance, you can pre-book extra baggage in advance, at preferential rates:

One-Way Rates for Pre-booking Extra Baggage
 Destination5 kg10 kg15 kg20 kg
 Mediterranean countries100 SEK200 SEK300 SEK400 SEK
 Canary Islands, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt150 SEK300 SEK450 SEK600 SEK

Sports Equipment

If you want to include in your baggage any type of sports equipment, you should pre-book it. If you choose not to pre-book, Novair cannot guarantee that there is space for the sports equipment, and will charge an additional fee of 100 SEK at check-in.

Sports Equipment Fees
 Sports Equipment


of Pieces





Canary Islands, Jordan,

Morocco, Egypt

 Bike, diving equipment130 kg300 SEK350 SEK
 Golf equipment115 kg150 SEK225 SEK
Kiteboard130 kg150 SEK225 SEK
 Walking poles, fishing rods15 kg25 SEK25 SEK
 Windsurfing equipment, hang glider230 kg400 SEK600 SEK
 Surfboard (surfboards longer than 300 cm

are classified as windsurfing boards)


8 kg200 SEK300 SEK
 Water skiing equipment18 kg100 SEK150 SEK

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