MIAT Mongolian Airlines flying with pets

Can I travel with my pet on MIAT Mongolian Airlines?

MIAT Mongolian Airlines allows passengers to travel with pets, but only dogs and cats.

How much does it cost to transport my pet on MIAT Mongolian flights?

It is your responsibility to submit all the required documents, such as the pet’s health certificate and passport, among others. Depending on their weight and size, pets may travel in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage:

Pets in the Passenger CabinPets as Checked Baggage
      ♦ Maximum weight: 5 kg (pet plus kennel)
      ♦ Maximum kennel size: 115 cm (L + W+ H)
      ♦ Maximum weight: 32 kg (pet plus kennel)
      ♦ Maximum kennel size: 158 cm (L + W+ H)
Up to 2 small animals may travel in the same kennel if they are from the same species, familiar with each other, and have space to move inside.

MIAT Mongolian Airlines does not include pets in the free baggage allowance and will charge a pet transportation fee depending on route and weight.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs accompanying passengers with vision or hearing impairment/disabilities are allowed to travel on MIAT Mongolian flights at no extra charge. At check-in, passengers are required to provide the Certificate of Guide Dog and all documents related to government and quarantine regulations. The dog, suitably harnessed and muzzled, must sit on the floor at the passenger’s feet.

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