LATAM Airlines Covid Rules

What is LATAM doing to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers?

LATAM continually adjusts its operations and procedures since the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic. LATAM’s COVID-19 Information Center offers the information to assist passengers who travel during this time:

  • Travel requirements and tips.
  • Additional safety measures.
  • Booking flexibility.

Travel Requirements and Tips

Restrictions still apply to entry to some countries, and you can verify the requirements for national and international flights on LATAM’s website. Just fill in the search fields with your data to receive personalized entry requirements for travel. You can also inform yourself about the mandatory forms for your trip and testing locations near you or at the destination you plan to travel. To make it easier for you, LATAM is working with certified laboratories in the COVID-19 test-taking process. Some associated laboratories may offer a discount to LATAM passengers.

To take care of yourself, LATAM offers some simple tips for before, during, and after your flight, such as carrying your digital boarding pass to minimize interactions, bringing your mask, maintaining social distancing, etc.

Additional Safety Measures

To fly safely, LATAM updated its protocols and took all the measures recommended by international organizations to minimize risks at airports and on board:

  • The boarding and disembarkation processes have been improved to reduce contact. At boarding, you have to scan your boarding pass. Disembarkation by lines helps avoid crowds.
  • The mandatory use of masks on board LATAM flights depends on the regulations in the operating airline’s country. At the boarding gate and before take-off, you will be informed if the use of masks is mandatory or optional. You must carry a mask with you always so that you are prepared for any requirement.
  • Sanitization of the aircraft receives special attention. Before and after the flight,  all contact surfaces are manually disinfected with 70% alcohol. 
  • The ventilation system ensures that you will be breathing clean air during the flight, thanks to the action of HEPA filters that remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. In addition, the air is renewed every 3 minutes, with a mix of filtered air and air extracted directly from outside.

Booking Flexibility

If your LATAM flight is canceled or rescheduled, you can choose a new date (make a date change at no cost in the same cabin) or ask for a refund (no fee).

If you want to postpone your trip, you can make changes to your trip according to the conditions of your ticket. If you need to change your trip because you were diagnosed with COVID-19, you can reschedule your flight with no extra charges, but you must pay any difference that applies if you choose a higher fare.

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