LATAM Airlines Brasil flying with babies

Are there restrictions for acceptance of infants on LATAM Airlines Brasil flights?

According to LATAM Airlines Brasil policy, there are no restrictions on the baby’s age, but a baby up to 7 days is accepted on LATAM Brasil flights only if you provide medical authorization to travel for you and your baby.

How can babies travel on LATAM Airlines Brasil flights?

Up to 2 years of age, babies may travel on an adult’s lap, as infants, but only in the Economy Cabin. When you share your seat with your baby, LATAM Brasil will charge only a percentage of the adult fare plus boarding fees and taxes. For domestic flights within Brazil, you pay only the boarding fees and taxes.

You may book an extra seat for a baby, in which case the applicable child fare will be charged, and a baby seat authorized for air travel (CRS) must be used. If you are traveling with two infants, you need to reserve an additional seat for their safety, paying one child fare.

In Premium Economy and Business cabins, infants and children are allowed to travel only in their own seat, for which you must pay the full fare, without any discount for children.

Babies who turn 2 years old during the trip may travel on their companion’s knee for the outbound journey and in a booked seat, without the need to use a baby seat (CRS), for the return journey.


For children aged under 2 traveling as infants, the checked baggage allowance is 1 bag up to 23 kg (50 lbs) on all routes. If you book a separate seat for your baby, the general baggage allowance applies.

When traveling with a baby aged under 2, you may also take with you, as checked baggage or, subject to space availability, in the cabin of the aircraft, one of the following items:

  • A folding stroller.
  • A child seat approved for use on board aircraft.
  • A bassinet.


When traveling in the Economy cabin and subject to the fee for the reservation of a Forward+ seat, you can request a bassinet for a baby of up to 10 kg and 71 cm. Requests for bassinets should be made at least 48 hours before departure LATAM Airlines Brasil Contact Center or Sales Office.

Bassinets are not available in Premium Economy & Business Class. Bassinets are available on the following aircraft:

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