Korean Air flying with pets

What is Korean Air’s policy on pet acceptance?

Transporting  pets  on  Korean  Air  flights  is  allowed  either in the cabin, or in the cargo compartment. They are not allowed on international flights on a Boeing 737.

Which pets are allowed to travel on Korean Air flights?

Dogs, cats, and birds are accepted for transportation on Korean Air flights. Korean Air will not accept for transportation other animals such as rabbits, hamsters, or snakes. Fierce dogs are also not accepted for transportation. Most common fierce dogs comprise: Rottweiler, American Staffordshire Terrier, Tosa, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier and all its mixed breed. Please use special animal transportation agencies for these and other not common species.

How many pets can I carry?

A total of three pets is allowed: one of them in the cabin and the other two in the cargo compartment. In the case of pets under 6 months of age, they can be transported in the passenger cabin in a single cage if they are the same breed. Previous contact with the airline Service Center is advised. It is recommended to check with the airline as there is a limited number per cabin/cargo compartment on each plane.

Traveling with Pets

Pet’s Health Status for Travel

Pets should be in a healthy condition and at least 8 weeks old to be carried in the cabin and 16 weeks old to be carried as checked baggage. Please check pet’s health status before travel. Pets that are under medication, under the effect of sedatives, showing violent behavior, ill smelling, pregnant, or showing signs of any other sick condition will be refused for transportation by Korean Air. Water and food should be offered to your pet no more than 2 hours prior to departure


Pets may travel in the cabin with you if the weight of the pet and the kennel together is maximum 7 kg. Over that weight and up to 45 kg, the pet must travel in the cargo compartment as checked baggage. However, if the total weight is between 33 and 45 kg, certain countries may not accept the carriage of pets due to their regulations. You can contact Korean Air service center for information about the applicable restrictions.

Please check in advance with the respective government sites about regulations in force with respect to pet’s admission. Get informed about the specific conditions that must be fulfilled for your destination country.

Documentation and Procedures for Pet Travel

In the first place, contact the reservation center and make the booking for pet travel. Please confirm the documentation before your travel, because it varies according to departure city. Also contact the Quarantine Service Office. Normally you will be required for 2 copies of documentation provided by the animal quarantine office, such as Declaration of Indemnity and Rabies vaccination certificate or health certificate.

At the airport check-in counter, you will be required to fill customs declaration forms and the additional documentation required. Bring the above documentation to the check-in counter. Once at your destination, submit all previously prepared certificates at the moment of the quarantine inspection. You are required to carry the quarantine certificate if you are accompanying a service animal (The waiver for travelling with a pet is not needed).

Kennel Regulations

For transportation in the cabin, the total dimension (length + width + height) of the kennel should not exceed 115 cm (45 in). When traveling in Economy Class, the height of the kennel should be less than 20 cm (8 in), 26 cm high (10 in) for soft carriers. When traveling in First or Prestige Class passengers must secure the pet carrier in places like overhead bins and coatrooms during take-off and landing.  For safety reasons you cannot take your pet out of the cage at any moment.

For transportation in the cargo compartment, the total dimension (length + width + height) of the kennel should not exceed 291 cm (114 in), with less than 84 cm (33 in) height.

Kennel permitted should be made of strong materials and allow enough space for the animal to move around. The kennel must also be leak-proof, with adequate ventilation openings. Kennel’s doors must be padlocked, but allowing the airline staff to open it in case of emergencies. The kennel must have absorbent bedding inside, such as paper, towels, or a blanket. Your name and telephone number should be written in English on the outside of the kennel.


To travel with a pet as carry-on or as checked baggage, you will be charged extra for your pet regardless of your free baggage allowance:

Pet Fees
RouteIn CabinAs Checked Baggage
Up to 5 kg5-32 kg33-45 kg
DomesticKRW 20,000KRW 30,000KRW 60,000
Korea ↔ Japan, China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, MacaoUSD 100USD 200
Other routes within AsiaUSD 150USD 300
Europe, Africa, Middle East, OceaniaUSD 200USD 400
North & South America (except Brazil)
BrazilUSD 175USD 350

Service Dogs

Passengers with disabilities are allowed to travel with their Service Dog which can sit in front of them (they cannot occupy a seat). Service Dogs accompanying a passenger with a disability will be carried in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance.

Mentally handicapped persons who are accompanied by an Emotional Support Animal (dog only) must carry a valid medical statement issued within a year from the date of departure. Emotional Support Animals are only allowed on flights to/from America.

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