Iberia Baggage and Carry-on

What is Iberia’s policy on carry-on allowance?

You are allowed to carry on board, free of charge, one carry-on bag (exception, Business Plus passengers traveling on long-haul flights may bring 2 carry-on bags) plus one personal item of the following:

  • A handbag.
  • A laptop computer.
  • A briefcase.
  • A small portfolio.

What is Iberia’s policy on checked baggage allowance?

These items are the ones you can travel with, but they should be transported in the hold of the aircraft. The transportation of this type of baggage is free, as long as it fulfills certain conditions of weight, size, and number of pieces. Even though, if you need to travel with baggage that exceeds Iberia’s baggage allowance, you can always pay an additional fee for the extra baggage.

Can I check luggage for connecting flights?

Iberia defines “Transfer Baggage” as baggage that is checked-in and has to travel through two or more connecting flights and, as a result, requires its transfer. Passengers can check in their luggage for transfer flights, between Iberia flights with a single ticket. Additionally, the airline will transfer baggage between Iberia and Oneworld Alliance airlines or codeshare airlines if the booking reference is the same. In these cases, your baggage will be checked in until your final destination.

Some countries usually need customs to review the baggage at the initial point of entry. In order to do so, please collect your belongings when you arrive, even if at the origin airport the baggage was labeled until the final destination. You will follow all customs procedures and, in the end, deliver the luggage back to Iberia personnel for the next flight.

If your entire journey contains an airport change, you have to know that your baggage is not going to be checked in until your final destination. In this situation, you will need to collect your bags at the airport of arrival, head to the airport your next flight is departing from, and check the baggage again to your final destination city.


Iberia Airlines allows you to travel with hand baggage at no charge, but it has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • The maximum dimension per carry-on bag is 56 x 45 x 25 cm. You must include the handles, compartments, pockets, and wheels when measuring the baggage.
  • The maximum weight per carry-on bag is:
    • 10 kg – Economy and Premium Economy.
    • 14 kg – Business.
  • The maximum dimension per personal item is 40 x 30 x 15 cm
  • The baggage pieces must fit in the size control device which is located at the airports.
  • If your baggage exceeds the maximum size, you will need to check your belongings, and an additional charge may apply.


The airline allows passengers to transport liquids in bottles of maximum 100 ml. which have to be inside a transparent plastic bag with an adhesive closure or zip fastener. You can transport water, syrups, drinks, soups, toothpaste, hair gel, shower gel, perfumes, creams, mascara, oils and lotions, sprays, shaving foam, deodorants, and any other item that has a similar consistency. All the above-mentioned items must be positioned loosely inside the plastic bag in order to smooth the progress of inspection by security staff. You will need to show these bags in a separate way from your hand baggage at the security controls. Exceptions to this regulation are the following:

  • Passengers traveling with babies, who are allowed to carry baby milk or juice. Besides, some passengers may have the need to take medicines (aerosol, gel or liquid), dietetic products, insulin, and other medicines people may need for the trip and all its duration, in these cases, they must present pertinent authenticity evidence at security controls.
  • Passengers who bought articles in shops of EU airports, which are located in the zones available only for passengers or onboard the EU flights. At this point, it is extremely important to point out that this kind of articles must be placed in special sealed bags with the purchase ticket inside of them and visible, until the trip’s final destination.


On flights IB5XXX operated by Vueling, passengers may carry 1 piece of hand baggage up to 10 kg and 55 x 40 x 20 cm, plus one significantly smaller personal item. These hand luggage pieces must fit in the size control device which is located at the airports. At the boarding gate, any hand baggage that does not fulfill the rules mentioned above will be removed and transported in the aircraft hold, with an extra cost of €35. Passengers with no checked baggage are exempt from this surcharge.

On flights departing from the United States, all passengers (including in Business Class) are permitted to carry only one piece of hand baggage and one personal item.

Checked Baggage

The airline allows you to check some baggage to be transported in the aircraft hold for free, but it has to fulfill the following requirements of weight and size:

  • The baggage pieces that exceed 32 kg will not be transported.
  • Luggage weighing more than 23 kg,  but less than 32 kg, is accepted, but the passenger will need to pay an extra fee per piece.
  • The maximum dimension per piece of luggage is 158 cm (length + width + height).
  • You must include the handles, compartments, pockets, and wheels when measuring the baggage.
  • The receipts which are given to you after checking in the luggage should be conserved until the final destination.
  • It is important that you tag your belongings inside and outside with your personal information.

Free Baggage Allowance and Additional Baggage Fees

Your free baggage allowance on Iberia flights is set by your travel class and itinerary. Children who benefit from a discounted fare and babies will have the same allowance as an adult; additionally will be able to carry a baby seat. Additional baggage fees will be charged for all the luggage items that passengers want to add to their free baggage allowance. You will benefit from a discount if you pay for extra baggage before going to the airport (online, at the time of booking or during Online Check-in). However, you can always pay these charges at the airport, but at a higher price.

Free baggage allowances and additional baggage charges are as follows:

Short-haul and Medium-haul Flights*
Checked BaggageEconomyBusiness
BasicOptimal, Comfort & Flexible
Free Baggage AllowanceNo allowance1 piece2 pieces
Excess Weight Fee (23-32 kg)€60 / $66€60 / $66Free



1st: €20-35

2nd+: €30-40

At the airport

1st: €45

2nd+: €65

*Domestic, European (including Tel Aviv), North Africa (except Dakar)
Flights to/from Dakar
Checked BaggageEconomyBusiness
BasicOptimalComfort & Flexible
Free Baggage AllowanceNo allowance1 piece2 pieces3 pieces
Excess Weight Fee (23-32 kg)€60 / $66€60 / $66€60 / $66Free
Additional PieceOnline

1st: €110

2nd: €165

3rd+: €220

1st: €165

2nd+: €220

At the airport

1st: €165

2nd+: €220

Flights to/from the US, Mexico, and Canada
Checked BaggageEconomyPremium EconomyBusiness
BasicOther fares
Free Baggage AllowanceNo allowance1 piece2 pieces2-3 pieces
Excess Weight Fee (23-32 kg)€75 / $100€75 / $100€75 / $100Free



1st: €60
2nd: €80
3rd+: €150

1st: €80
2nd+: €150

At the airport

1st: €70
2nd: €90
3rd+: €180

1st: €90
2nd+: €180

Flights to/from Central and South America
Checked BaggageEconomyPremium EconomyBusiness
BasicOptimal & ComfortFlexible
Free Baggage AllowanceNo allowance1 piece2 pieces2 pieces3 pieces
Excess Weight Fee (23-32 kg)€100 / $110€100 / $110€100 / $110€100 / $110Free



1st: €70
2nd: €115
3rd+: €135

1st: €115
2nd+: €135

At the airport

1st: €95
2nd: €145
3rd+: €190

1st: €145
2nd+: €190

Flights to/from Asia (Tokyo)
Checked BaggageEconomyPremium EconomyBusiness
BasicAll other fares
Free Baggage AllowanceNo allowance2 pieces3 pieces
Excess Weight Fee (23-32 kg)€100 / $110€100 / $110Free


Online1st & 2nd: €60

3rd+: €160

At the airport1st: €80

2nd: €110

3rd+: €190


Sporting Equipment

For all sporting equipment (e.g. ski equipment, golf equipment, single-seat non-motorized bicycles, skateboards, bowling equipment, surfboard up to 3.5 m long, windsurfing boards, bodyboard up to 100 x 50 x 20 cm, scuba diving equipment, paragliders, hang gliders, etc.), Iberia applies the following policy:

  • The maximum weight of the sporting equipment is 23 kg, and the Excess Weight Fee applies for excess weight up to 32 kg.
  • On long-haul flights (America, Asia, and South Africa), sporting equipment may be checked as part of the baggage allowance. If you exceed the number of free pieces of checked baggage, it will be considered excess baggage.
  • On short- and medium-haul flights, a €45 fee applies, regardless of the baggage allowance.
  • Large sporting equipment, such as canoes, pole vaults, etc, are not accepted and must be transported with IAG Cargo.

Baggage Service

If your baggage suffers any incident during the entire trip, Iberia recommends completing the “Property Irregularity Report”, at arrival and before leaving the airport and calling to the Iberia Customer Service for further details.

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