Iberia flying with babies

Are there any age limitations for the acceptance of babies on Iberia flights?

First, it is useful to know that Iberia consents that babies travel from any age, but advises that babies less than 1 week old and premature babies are not supposed to travel by air. Babies may experience a lot of pain because of pressure changes in the cabin, and they ought to be constantly hydrated.

When do I have to reserve a seat for my baby?

For infants less than 2 years of age, you do not need to reserve a seat when traveling on the lap of an accompanying adult. In this way, the baby will not occupy a seat. If your baby has not turned 2 years old and will not be occupying a seat, you will be benefited from an important discount as you will only pay 30-10% of the regular fare price.

However, if you want to travel more comfortably, and your baby to be protected in his/her own car seat while traveling, you can reserve a seat for your baby instead of carrying your baby on your lap. If you choose the option for your child to occupy a separate seat, he or she will be treated as a child between the ages of 2 and 12 years, and you will have to pay the child fare. You must take into account that in case that your baby occupies a seat on the airplane, you will need to bring an authorized car seat with you, in order for your baby to be placed in during the flight, having in mind the safety regulations.

On flights with an IB7XXX code, operated by Latam Airlines, infants traveling in Business Class must have an individual seat for the entire flight for which you will pay the same fare as for an adult ticket.

Booking a separate seat is necessary for all children 2 years of age and older. It is imperative for you to know that, if your child turns two before the end of the entire trip, his or her ticket must be purchased with the child fare for the whole journey.

When an adult passenger travels with two infants, security regulations require one baby to travel on lap, and the second baby in a separate seat, right next to the adult traveler, in a certified car seat. For the infant held on lap, it is necessary to use an extra belt, which the Iberia cabin crew will kindly supply. Please bear in mind that the ticket price paid for the baby traveling in the car seat will be exactly the same as the one that would be needed for an older child, between the ages of 2 and 12.


For babies who are less than 8 months and who weigh no more than 11 kg, there are cots available on Iberia intercontinental flights. The number of these cots on each Iberia airplane is limited, and not all infants can have one. That is why the airline suggests you book one in advance. These cots, in the same way as the adult’s seat that is traveling with the baby, are not available to book online. So, please reserve a cot in an Iberia agency in your city, where you also will be able to get some information in relation to reserving a seat for you in the designated cot area. Depending on the class you are traveling in, booking a seat may incur a supplementary cost.

Baggage allowance

Iberia understands what traveling with babies involves, and that is why the baggage allowance for infants and children is exactly the same as for an adult, but in addition to that, the airline accepts a foldable stroller/pushchair or a car seat free of charge.

When traveling with an infant, most parents bring a stroller; you will have the option of taking this baby stroller with you all the way through the moment previous to the boarding process or to check it with the other baggage that you have sent to the aircraft hold at the luggage check-in. If you carry it until the airplane’s door, you will need to take it into the cabin as well, depending on the space available on board; if there is not enough space, the airline’s personnel will take away the stroller, place it in the aircraft hold and give it back to you at the aircraft door when the flight arrives. On the other hand, if you check the stroller in order to be transported in the hold, you will need to collect it together with the rest of your luggage in the arrivals area.

Accompanied Children

Children aged between 2 and 12 years at the moment of the departure of the flight will be paying a child fare. On domestic flights with full tariff (i.e. without restrictions), the child fare is 50% of the normal adult fare. On reduced tariffs, it will be applied a percentage that will depend on the tariff selected.

For international flights, the discount percentage may vary depending on the specific destination and the fare applied. For some special offers, Iberia does not apply any discount.

Documents Required

When traveling on international flights, meaning between European countries and Third Countries, because there are no standard policies, all children, accompanied or not and regardless of his or her age, will need to present, in a mandatory way, their own passport or National Identification Document. Besides, these children are required to fulfill the requisites that the destination country normally asks for.

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