Iberia Regional - Air Nostrum Covid Rules

What measures has Iberia taken to ensure a safe journey during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Iberia was amongst the first airlines to adopt and implement all the recommendations of AESA (the Spanish Air Safety Agency), EASA (the European Air Safety Agency), and ECDC (the European Centre for Disease Control), to ensure a safe environment. The airline continues to spare no effort to ensure maximum safety and tries to help you with everything possible to make it easier for you to travel and plan your journey:

  • Information for planning your trip as smoothly as possible.
  • Requirements and recommendations to assure a safe travel experience.
  • Health and safety measures.
  • Safe and Flexible Flight.

Information for Planning Your Trip

Iberia’s website provides information intended to guide you step by step as you plan and prepare for your journey:

  • As countries lift or ease restrictions on the admission of visitors from abroad, Iberia is resuming suspended routes and launching new routes, which you can learn about on Iberia’s destinations page.
  • Iberia provides you with advanced tools to learn up-to-date information about restrictions and requirements currently in place in different countries, such as entry requirements, quarantine, proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test, required forms, mandatory face coverings, social distancing requirements, etc.
  • If you need a COVID-19 test to fly,  Iberia has teamed up with a leading healthcare provider in Spain, Quirónprevención, and a series of other testing centers from different countries to offer Iberia passengers exclusive prices when taking the COVID-19 test.

Requirements and Recommendations for a Safe Travel Experience

In line with the current regulations, face masks are mandatory for everyone aged six and over when boarding the plane and throughout the flight. You should bring with you enough face masks for the duration of the journey. If you are not wearing a face mask, Iberia will be obliged to deny you boarding. If you cannot use the mandatory face mask for exceptional health reasons, you must contact the Iberia medical service.

Iberia has a series of recommendations to ensure social distancing and minimize physical contact:

  • Wherever possible, to get your boarding pass and download it to your phone before you go to the airport, use Online Check-in or, at the airport, use a self-service kiosk to print your boarding pass or check in your bag.
  • To travel more comfortably, you can check in your hand baggage free of charge and board with only a small bag or briefcase (not available on Iberia Regional Air Nostrum flights).
  • Remember to keep a safe distance at all times and avoid physical contact with other people and surfaces.

Health and Safety Measures

To ensure maximum hygiene on board and prevent COVID-19 infections, Iberia increased and reinforced the cleaning and sanitizing protocols with specific anti-COVID-19 products and implemented a more rigorous cleaning procedure of elements on board, such as safety belts,  headrests, armrests, folding tables, toilets, etc.

The air in the cabins of Iberia and Iberia Express aircraft is renewed every three minutes, passing through HEPA filters that eliminate 99.9% of germs and impurities, including viruses and bacteria. The air in the Iberia Regional – Air Nostrum aircraft is constantly renewed. Fed from the outside and processed at a very high temperature when flowing into the aircraft, it is then supplied to the passenger cabin already conditioned.

To respect social distancing measures, Iberia installed screens at all customer service points and introduced a new queuing system for check-in and boarding. To maintain the greatest possible distance between passengers, passengers will be boarding by row, from rear to front. Boarding by group, as well as priority boarding, has been suspended for the moment.

Safe and Flexible Flight

During these challenging times, Iberia is extending its Safe and Flexible Flight policy to flights operated by Iberia, Iberia Express, and Iberia Regional – Air Nostrum. With Safe and Flexible Flight, you are guaranteed flexibility for any COVID-19 disruption. You can change the date of your flight free of charge or get a refund in the form of a voucher if you are affected by any of the following circumstances less than 15 days before flight departure:

  • New entry restrictions have been established for your destination.
  • You are affected by the sudden introduction of compulsory lockdown or quarantine measures at your destination that cannot be avoided by testing negative for COVID-19 just before traveling.
  • You are suddenly subject to lockdown or quarantine measures in your place of origin (lockdown imposed for your region, province, town, or hospital zone; a household member tests positive for COVID-19, etc.).
  • You test positive for COVID-19.
  • Your vaccination appointment coincides with the date of your flight.

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