Frontier Airlines Baggage and Carry-on

What is my carry-on allowance when traveling on Frontier Airlines flights?

Every passenger is allowed to carry only one personal item for free. To take on board a larger carry-on bag, you must pay an additional Carry-on Fee, purchase a bundle, the WORKS or the PERKS, or be an Elite member of Frontier Miles.

What is Frontier Airlines’ policy on checked baggage allowance?

When traveling with Frontier Airlines, there is no free baggage allowance; baggage fees apply to each standard checked bag. Passengers who purchased the WORKS or the PERKS bundle are entitled to a free checked bag.

A standard checked bag must comply with the following size and weight limitations: no more than 62 inches in linear dimension and 40 lbs (18.1 kg) in weight. Additional fees will apply to any bag exceeding one of these size and weight limitations.

Frontier Airlines has a few exceptions to the baggage fees:

  • Medical assistive devices are accepted as checked baggage in the cargo compartment. These items are not counted as part of a passenger’s baggage allowance, and baggage fees will not apply.
  • Child restraint systems and strollers are accepted as checked baggage free of charge and will not count toward the passenger’s baggage allowance when traveling with children.
  • Active duty military personnel, military personnel traveling in uniform, and reservists traveling with orders may check two bags at no charge. The exception doesn’t apply to family members or traveling companions.


Frontier Airlines allows each passenger to board with one personal item that may consist of a briefcase, handbag, pocketbook, umbrella, camera, binoculars, or laptop computer case. Your personal item must fit underneath the seat in front of you and not exceed dimensions of 18” width x 14” length x 8” height  (45 x 35 x 20 cm).

You may also take on board one carry-on item that must fit underneath the seat or in the overhead compartment, weigh no more than 35 lbs (15 kg), and not exceed dimensions of 16” width x 10” height x 24” length (40 x 25 x 60 cm).

Passengers who have purchased a bundle, the WORKS or the PERKS, or are an Elite member of Frontier Miles are entitled to one free carry-on bag. All other passengers must pay a fee to take a carry-on bag on all domestic and international flights. This fee varies based on the point and time of purchase:

Point and Time of Purchase

Carry-on Fee

Online – at the time of booking


Online – when managing an existing reservation up to 24 hours of departure


During Online/Mobile Check-in


Frontier Reservations Call Centers


Airport Check-in – ticket counter and self-service kiosks


At the Departure Gate


A Gate Check Fee of $79 will be charged for any bag brought to the departure gate that exceeds the allowable dimensions for the carry-on bag.

Checked Baggage

Baggage must be checked at the ticket counter at least 45 minutes before your departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes before departure for international flights but will be accepted by Frontier Airlines no earlier than 2 hours before departure time. Passengers who have already used Online Check-in and paid their baggage fees can save time at the airport by taking their baggage to the Bag Drop line at the ticket counter.

Baggage that does not comply with standard bag requirements (62 inches in linear dimension and 40 lbs in weight) will be considered overweight and/or oversized baggage and will incur additional fees. Frontier Airlines will not accept baggage that weighs more than 100 pounds or exceeds 110 linear inches (length + width + depth).

Baggage Fees

Standard baggage fees can be paid online, through the Call Center, or at the airport. Overweight and oversized baggage fees must be paid at the airport. Also, Frontier Airlines can waive baggage fees only at the airport.

Overweight and oversized baggage fees are charged separately. Therefore, one item can incur multiple fees: a passenger checking a third bag that has over 62 linear inches and weighs more than 40 lbs, will be charged three fees (3rd checked bag fee plus oversized baggage fee plus overweight baggage fee).

The following baggage fees apply for one-way directional travel wholly on Frontier Airlines (domestic and international flights):

Point and Time of Purchase

Standard Bag
(up to 50 lbs and 62 in)

Overweight Bag

(41-100 lbs)

Oversized Bag

(63-110 in)

1st bag

2nd bag

3rd+ bag

Online – at the time of booking




Online – when managing an existing reservation
up to 24 hours of departure


During Online/Mobile Check-in





Frontier Reservations Call Centers






Airport Check-in – ticket counter and self-service kiosks$65$65$95(41-50 lbs) – $50
(51-100 lbs) – $100
At the Departure Gate




Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment is subject to regular baggage rules. Checked bag fees apply, and overweight and oversized baggage fees will be charged if applicable. There is a $75 fee for bicycles and a $100 fee for antlers, but no other fees apply.

Sporting equipment for hockey, skiing (snow and water), and snowboarding is exempt from oversized baggage fees but checked baggage and overweight fees apply. In the case of ski and snowboard equipment, a boot bag over 25 lbs is charged as a second bag.

Baggage Service

If you discover that you have left an item on a plane when still in the airport, you should return to the gate or ticket counter and ask if a customer service representative may be able to help you retrieve the item immediately. If you’ve already left the airport, you can submit a lost and found form with a detailed description of your lost item. Only if your lost item is found within 30 days, Frontier Airlines will contact you. You might want to consider contacting the TSA or checking with the lost and found office at that airport if you think that your item may have been left near a security checkpoint, or in an airport public area.

If your baggage is damaged, delayed, or lost, you must report property loss or damage before you leave the airport. All claims must be submitted within 4 hours after the arrival of your flight. For domestic flights, liability for loss or damage to checked baggage is limited to $3,800 per ticketed passenger. For international travel (including domestic portions of international itineraries), liability for loss, delay, or damage to checked baggage is limited by the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention. Frontier Airlines will not be liable for certain items included in checked baggage, with or without its knowledge, such as money, precious metals, jewelry, keys, paintings, computer equipment (including hardware, software, and all accessories), sporting equipment, musical instruments, business documents, etc.

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