Etihad Airways flying with pets

Am I allowed to travel with my pet on Etihad Airways flights?

Etihad Airways does not allow passengers to travel with any kind of pets in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage. In accordance with the regulations of the United Arab Emirates government, all animals must enter the UAE as manifested cargo. An exception is made for falcons and certain Service Animals.

How can I travel with falcons on Etihad Airways flights?

Falcons are accepted for transportation in the main aircraft cabin and as checked baggage. To ensure smooth travel, all necessary documents and permits should be obtained in advance. Transporting falcons on Etihad flights incurs an additional fee.

Guide Dogs

Etihad Airways will transport, as checked baggage and free of charge on any route, only Guide Dogs to lead the blind, provided that all the necessary health documents and important licenses have been obtained.

To travel with a Guide Dog, arrangements must be made at Abu Dhabi International Airport to receive the animal in the airport terminal. For this reason, advanced notice to your local Etihad Airways office is required at least 48 hours before your departure.

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