Easyjet flying with babies

Are there any age limitations for acceptance of children on easyJet flights?

In order to help you, easyJet differentiates between infants and children as follows:

  • An infant is a baby who is less than 2 years old.
  • A child is someone who is over 2 years of age, up to 15 years.
  • An adult is considered to be anyone over 16 years of age.

In this sense, babies can travel on condition that they are minimum 14 days old. Babies aged 13 days or less will not be allowed to fly.

When do I have to reserve a seat for my baby?

If your child is less than 2 years old, he or she can sit on your lap. Regarding the limit of how many children an adult can travel with, it is important to know that only one baby per adult’s lap is allowed, and only 2 infants are permitted with every accompanying adult, the second baby must be seated in a separate seat next to the parent and secured in a suitable car seat.

Even if your baby is younger than 2 years, you can book separate seats if you feel both of you will be more comfortable in that way. Babies in this situation need a car seat suitable for their age, weight, and height. Please keep in mind that booking a seat for an infant online is not possible. Instead, you will need to make the reservation through easyJet’s Customer Service. Please note that easyJet will not accept babies who have been booked as children.

When your child reaches his or her second birthday, you will need to book a separate seat for him or her at the full adult fare. All children must be booked as such because of safety concerns like the specific seats they and their parents can have.

Booking and Fees for Infants and Children

Babies under 2 are charged a flat fare of £25 per flight when traveling on an adult’s lap. These infants don’t need their own boarding pass.

If your child is older than 2 years, or you want to book a separate seat for an infant, you will need to pay the full adult fare for his/her seat. These infants need their own boarding passes, which can be printed at the airport.

If you are using a car seat for your child, your seats should not be adjacent to an emergency exit nor immediately behind or in front of such rows. The ideal place for a car seat is on a window seat. At least one seat next to a child seat should be occupied by a physically capable person, who is responsible for the child.

EasyJet’s Baggage Allowances for Infants and Children

Babies sitting on an adult’s lap do not qualify for free cabin baggage, but you can take on board the aircraft, for free, an additional small baby changing bag. This bag must be placed under the seat in front of you and can be no larger than 45 x 36 x 20 cm. Babies sitting on an adult’s lap do not qualify for checked baggage, but you can add hold luggage to your booking for an infant.

Infants with reserved seats have the same luggage allowance as adults, for both carry-on and checked baggage, plus an additional baby changing bag of 45 x 36 x 20 cm

Regarding the payment for the pushchair, travel cot, or car seat, easyJet determined that for each infant and young child, even if he or she is younger than 2 years old and travels on an adult’s lap, you can take a maximum of two of the following items with no charge: baby buggy, pushchair, collapsible / non-collapsible pram, travel cot, booster seat, car seat, and back carrier. If you need to travel with more than two of the mentioned items per your baby or child, you can always purchase checked baggage allowance.

The items must be tagged at the Bag Drop desk, but they can be carried to the aircraft, where a crewmember will store them safely for you. Except for the travel cot, the items can be tagged at the boarding gate if you have checked in online and you are carrying hand baggage only.

The items carried to the departure gate can be retrieved at the baggage claim points with the other baggage which you have checked in. Please have in mind that, in some airports, this fact might mean a long walk from the aircraft, so it is advisable that you pack your belongings according to that and that you consider taking a child carrier or sling on board the aircraft in order to make transportation easier.

Children with reserved seats have the same luggage allowance as adults. This is three items of hold baggage per person (fees apply) and one piece of hand luggage.


It is important that the airline knows if you have children in your reservation. This way it can assure that your children get an appropriate seat and are seated with you. When making the booking for your family, please clearly identify the children on the reservation. Just add the number of infants and/or children and include their ages.

EasyJet is well prepared for little ones having additional seat belts for babies so they can fly on an adult’s lap. However, it does not provide car seats nor the CARES child belt device, but you can carry your own according to the age, weight and height range as suggested by the manufacturer. It is the parents’ responsibility to guarantee that the seat is appropriate for the child. The car seat must fit in the 44 cm space between the armrests of the aircraft seat. Only forward-facing car seats are allowed on board. Cabin crew should ensure that the baby car seat is proper for using it on board, and that the child is satisfactorily secured. If you do not need the seat inside the aircraft, you must check it in the hold, at the Bag Drop desks.


You can still check in online even if you are traveling with babies because easyJet is an online check-in airline. You can check in online starting 30 days prior to the flight departure date, and until 2 hours before the flight. If you have paid for an extra seat through Customer Services, you will have to go to any of easyJet’s desks at the airport, and they will print out the supplementary boarding pass for you.

If you have checked in online, please go to the Bag Drop desk in order to drop off any hold baggage. If you only have hand luggage, you can go straight to the security point and departure gate. Please remember to carry with you the printout of your online boarding pass. There is no special Bag Drop desk for families with children, except if you are a Flexi fare passenger, an easyJet Plus Customer, or have bought an Extra Legroom or an Up Front seat.

If you are concerned about how far you can push your child’s pushchair and when you will be asked to hand it over, you can do it all the way to the boarding gate, but it is necessary to check local airport guidelines as these can diverge. A member of the ground personnel will take it from you at the boarding gate, at the lower part of the aircraft steps, or at the aircraft’s door. The pushchair does not count as cabin baggage.


You should arrive at the gate as soon as its number is displayed on the TV screens. The boarding gates close strictly 30 minutes prior to the scheduled flight time. Families with children board early.

Services Offered on easyJet Flights

You can transport baby food, milk and sterilized water in your hand baggage. This comprises: soya milk for babies; sterilized water that must be in a baby bottle; formula; breast or cow milk and baby food. In the case of milk and sterilized water for babies, the limitation of 100 ml per container does not apply, as long as the total volume is no more than 1 liter. The adult transporting it might be asked to taste the liquids, for security reasons.

About breastfeeding on board, you can do it at any time in the course of the flight even during take-off and landing, but only if your infant is secured to you with the special seat belt when the fasten seatbelts sign is on. Additionally, there are baby changing tables in the toilets of the aircraft, which are easy to fold down. Unfortunately, easyJet does not provide nappies or wipes so please remember to bring enough in your cabin luggage.

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