Corsair Baggage and Carry-on

What is Corsair’s policy on hand baggage?

For the comfort and safety of all passengers, you are only entitled to one piece of hand baggage, in which must be included any accessories (handbag, laptop, briefcase, coat, etc.).

What is Corsair’s policy on checked baggage?

For all Corsair destinations, the Piece Concept is applied. Your luggage is carried for free up to a certain number and a weight limit, which vary according to the travel class and destination.

Hand Baggage

On all Corsair flights and for all travel classes, the hand baggage allowance consists of 1 piece not exceeding 115 cm in overall size (55 cm height + 40 cm length + 20 cm width). The maximum weight of the hand baggage depends on the travel class:

  • Economy (Horizon) – 12 kg.
  • Premium Grand Large & Business – 18 kg.

Any permitted accessories (handbag, laptop, coat, etc.) must be included in your one piece of hand baggage. For children over 2 years old, BedBox is permitted on board as their piece of hand baggage.

Passengers traveling with infants must also include in their hand baggage any infant items (food, nappies, etc.) they want to take on board. Only the Babyzen Yoyo stroller (maximum dimensions 55 x 35 x 25 cm) in its protective cover is accepted for transport in the cabin, but, if accepted, the Yoyo stroller will be considered as the only piece of hand baggage of the adult traveling with the baby.

Checked Baggage

Free Baggage Allowance

On flights operated by Corsair, passengers are entitled to the following checked baggage allowance based on the travel class and route:

RouteEconomy / HorizonPremium
Grand Large
& Business
& Smart
Between Metropolitan France and Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre, Mayotte,
La Réunion, Mauritius, Cuba, Canada
1 x 23 kg2 x 23 kg2 x 32 kg
Between La Réunion and Madagascar
To/from Africa, Madagascar (except between La Réunion and Madagascar)1 x 23 kg2 x 23 kg2 x 32 kg
Between Metropolitan France and Saint-Barthelemy, Saint Lucia, Dominica,
San Juan (Puerto Rico), Saint Martin (connecting flights with Air Antilles – 3S)
1 x 23 kg
*Maximum size per piece – 158 cm (height + length + width).

Excess Baggage

Beyond the free baggage allowance, a surcharge per excess kilo or per additional luggage will be applied. If you exceed the weight limit per piece, you will have to pay €10 (15 CAD) per additional kilo. The maximum weight permitted for any piece of checked baggage is 32 kg. If you exceed the number of pieces included in the free baggage allowance, you will have to pay an additional fee as follow:

RouteFee per Extra Piece
48 hours in advanceAt the airport
To/from Africa, Madagascar€160€200
Between La Réunion and Mayotte€40€50
All other routes€75€100

In order to benefit up to 25% discount, compared to the price charged at the airport, you can purchase excess baggage when booking online or after, on the Corsair website, in Corsair travel agencies, or by phone. This service is available up to 48 hours before your flight. This service cannot be purchased for infants (babies under 2 years old), for transporting animals (in the cabin or in the hold), and for transporting sports equipment.

The purchase of additional baggage in advance is limited to 9 pieces per passenger, including the free baggage allowance. The permitted weight for excess baggage is that set for your travel class. If you exceed this limit, you will have to pay the normal price per excess kilo at the airport. This service cannot be refunded and is non-transferable.

If you exceed the maximum dimensions per piece (158 cm), you will have to pay an additional fee per piece measuring 159-300 cm. Up to 4 oversized pieces are accepted per passenger. The fee below is payable only at the airport and adds to any other fee that may apply (additional kilos, extra piece):

RouteFee per Oversized Piece
To/from Africa, Madagascar€300
All other routes€100

Sports Equipment

Corsair offers the following additional sports baggage allowances:

  • Golf bags and diving equipment – 1 piece up to 20 kg free of charge and  in  addition  to  your  free  baggage  allowance (i.e., free transport of your equipment in a separate bag + your free baggage allowance).
  • Fishing rods – 1 tube up to 12 kg and maximum 2 m long free of charge and  in  addition  to  your  free  baggage  allowance (i.e., free transport of your fishing equipment in a separate bag + your free baggage allowance).
  • Children’s bicycles are carried at no extra cost, even beyond the luggage allowance, if they are between 12 and 20 inches.

Other sports equipment (bikes, surfboard, kite surfing, windsurfing, etc.) are transported free of charge as part of your baggage allowance, but you can transport them in a separate bag than your baggage allowance. This additional baggage is included in your free baggage allowance, meaning that the transport of sports equipment in a separate bag plus your checked baggage must not exceed the total weight of your checked baggage allowance (e.g., if your allowance is 1 x 23 kg, the total weight of your 2 pieces of luggage – sports equipment + checked bag must be 23 kg).

Baggage Services

Whatever the incident, damaged, lost or delayed luggage, you need to make a declaration, on the day you arrive at your destination and before leaving airside, to the Luggage Service located near the luggage delivery area.

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