Condor Baggage and Carry-on

What is Condor’s policy on carry-on allowance?

The carry-on allowance (except for infants) on Condor Flights is:

Number of Pieces1 piece1 piece1 or 2 pieces
Maximum Weight6 kg10 kg12 kg
Maximum Dimensions55 x 40 x 20 cm per piece

In addition to the carry-on baggage, passengers can bring into the cabin, free of charge, a small handbag, one laptop or tablet including its case or bag, and an umbrella. Carry-on baggage is allowed in addition to the checked free baggage. The cabin crew is required to store baggage items that are not admitted as carry-on baggage with the other checked baggage in the cargo compartment for safety reasons.

Standard excess baggage fees apply for excess hand baggage at check-in. Higher fees may apply at the gate (€75 / £65 / $85).

What is Condor’s policy on checked baggage allowances?

The free baggage allowances mentioned below apply per passenger, except infants, and are based on flight zones:

  • Zone 1 – Balearics, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain & Portugal Mainland.
  • Zone 2 – Iceland, Canary Islands, Cape Verde & Madeira, Cyprus, Malta, Greece & Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Gambia & United Arab Emirates.
  • Zone 3 – East Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central & South America.
  • Zone 4 – Southern Africa & Indian Ocean.
  • Zone 5 – USA, Canada & Puerto Rico.
Free Baggage Allowances
Zone 1 & 2*No allowance20 kg25 kgNot available
Zone 3 & 4* (except to/from Brazil)Not available20 kg25 kg30 kg
Zone 5Not available1 piece
up to 23 kg
1 piece
up to 32 kg
2 piece up to
32 kg each
To/from BrazilNot available2 piece up to 32 kg each
*In general, any number of pieces of baggage can be included in the free baggage allowance.

Checked baggage that exceeds the maximum size of 158 cm (length + width + height) are subject to excess baggage charges. Checked baggage items may not weigh more than 32 kg (70 lbs) per baggage item, and this rule applies no matter the baggage allowance.

Condor applies the MSC (Most Significant Carrier) rule of IATA, which means that Condor’s baggage allowances and fees apply if Condor operates the longest or most significant stretch of the journey.

Pre-purchased Baggage Allowance

If passengers are traveling with additional baggage, such as clothing, souvenirs or sports equipment (not subject to mandatory registration), they should choose a baggage package in order to increase their baggage allowance. Some items have to be registered and paid for separately and cannot be transported as part of a baggage allowance package. Charges for baggage allowance packages apply on the zone concept.

Only for Zone 5 flights, up to 2 additional pieces of baggage up to 23 kg can be bought through Special Services:

  • 2nd piece of checked baggage – Economy & Premium:
    • € 69.99 – early bird discount (30 or more days prior to departure).
    • € 74.99 – regular price (8 hours to 29 days prior to departure).
  • 3rd piece of checked baggage – all classes:
    • € 119.99 – early bird discount (30 or more days prior to departure).
    • € 129.99 – regular price (8 hours to 29 days prior to departure).

For the Economy Light fare, you may book a 20 kg free baggage allowance once per passenger online, via Extras, paying the following fee one-way:

  • Zone 1 – € 24,99.
  • Zone 2 – € 29,99.

For flights in Zones 1-4, baggage allowance packages from 5 kg (11 lbs) up to 20 kg (44 lbs), in increments of 5 kg (11 lbs), can be bought up to 8 hours before departure. The following fees are applicable one-way and subject to change without notice:

FlightPrice5 kg
(11 lbs)
10 kg
(22 lbs)
15 kg
(33 lbs)
20 kg
(44 lbs)
Zone 1Price with early bird discount*€ 34.99€ 64.99€ 84.99€ 94.99
Regular price€ 39.99€ 69.99€ 89.99€ 99.99
Zone 2Price with early bird discount*€ 44.99€ 84.99€ 124.99€ 144.99
Regular price€ 49.99€ 89.99€ 129.99€ 149.99
Zone 3 and 4Price with early bird discount*€ 74.99€ 134.99€ 174.99€ 194.99
Regular price€ 79.99€ 139.99€ 179.99€ 199.99
*Booked and paid in advance (30 days or more before departure) through Special Services.

Excess Baggage at the Airport

On Condor flights (Condor flight number “DE” and Condor aircraft) to/from Zone 1-4, the following excess baggage fees apply at the airport when you exceed the permitted baggage allowance:

Excess Baggage Fees per Flight (one-way) – Zones 1-4
All flights
Overweight BaggageOversized
Economy Light -first 20 kgEconomy Light & Classic
Zone 1€ 50€ 12 per kg€ 100 per piece
Zone 2€ 55€ 15 per kg€ 100 per piece
Zones 3 and 4N/A€ 20 per kg€ 200 per piece
*Checked baggage that exceeds the permitted dimensions of 158 cm (62.2 linear inches).

The following excess baggage fees apply at the airport for all Condor flights to/from Zone 5:

Excess Baggage Fees per Flight (one-way) – Zone 5
2nd piece up to max. 23 kg (50 lbs) (Economy & Premium)€ 75
3rd piece up to max. 23 kg (50 lbs)€ 150
Oversized Piece – more than 158 cm (62.2 linear inches)€ 200
Overweight Piece – 23 kg (50 lbs) – 32 kg (70 lbs)€ 100
Oversized and Overweight Piece€ 300

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment that is subject to mandatory registration must be registered up to 8 hours prior to departure. You can register your sporting equipment for Condor flights easily and conveniently online. When you register sporting equipment 30 days or more before departure, you will get a €5 early bird discount on the regular price. Sporting equipment that has not been registered in advance will be subject to a € 60.01 fee (one-way) if checked in at the airport.

For Business Class passengers, Condor will transport one set of sporting equipment free of charge.

Condor transports one of the following sporting equipment per passenger at the regular prices stated below. Overweight sporting equipment is charged as excess baggage. Oversized sporting equipment is subject to a surcharge (contact the special reservations service).

Sporting EquipmentSize (LxWxH) and WeightZone 1Zone 2Zone 3,
4 and 5
Skis, water skis, diving gear, golf equipment,
paraglider, firearms, fishing equipment
200 x 40 x 80 cm
Up to 20 kg
€ 39.99€ 49.99€ 64.99
Bicycle200 x 40 x 100 cm
Up to 30 kg
€ 44.99€ 54.99€ 69.99
All boards (surfboard, snowboard, etc.), canoe,
kayak, hang glider, inflatable rubber dinghy
300 x 60 x 50 cm
Up to 30 kg
€ 44.99€ 54.99€ 69.99

All other sporting equipment (e.g., tennis and badminton equipment, skates, mountaineering equipment) is not subject to mandatory registration and will be transported at no charge as part of the free baggage allowance and charged as regular excess baggage if the free baggage allowance is exceeded.

Baggage Services

If any damage occurs or if your baggage is missing, including missing contents, you should notify Condor as soon as you arrive. The staff will make out a property irregularity report (PIR) for your baggage. If you are on vacation, you have the possibility to purchase urgently needed articles within the limit of the legal maximum liability until the arrival of your baggage. You are obliged to buy at lowest cost. Articles purchased at the place of your permanent residence will not be refunded.

If you don’t notice that your baggage is damaged, or that there are missing items from your baggage, until you arrive at the hotel or at home, you must report this to Condor, in writing, no later than 7 days after the baggage has been delivered. Condor offers a repair service in cooperation with Flughafen Gepäck Service Frankfurt and Dolfi 1920 GmbH. The baggage will be examined and repaired. If the repair is not possible, it will be replaced with a new one of equal value.

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