British Airways review by Xabierr #37332

I cannot remember well if it was row 28 but it was just by toilet door. I didnt like that configuration. They might not have it now…….I dont like BA at all. The colors are too strong for me. I dont like liveries including national flags……it is tasteless. BA staff is generally very pretentious, always pretending to be super helpfull and nice but it is only pretending. BA planes taxi times in LHR (as an example) are just a joke………Delays in LHR are super common, congestion is horrible. Many BA passengers (particularly LHR) are really aggresive and rude, and planes look always dirty. Passengers drinking a lot, walking without any shoes, newspapers all over the plane. Rubbish on the floor……..I have only seen repeatedly ground or cabin crew calling police on the ground or on arrival at a destination to the police as there were really aggresive out of control situations with passengers. I would not recommend to fly BA for potentially passenger related aggresiveness uncomfortable situations. ( I have seen so many…..)

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