British Airways seat reviews

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FromLos Angeles - Los Angeles International (LAX)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
Window very well placed for veiwing but legroom and general space especially with the forward seat lent right back and with the table down very very cramped. Flying to Chicago with American Airlines gave more room between seats so arrived more comfortable than on the return journey to the UK with BA. Plane flew very smoothly.
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Leg room was a problem at this window seat (assume all the K seats had the same issue). There was a mechanism under the seat in front that basically negated the space my right foot would have gone. First time I've encountered such an issue. I like to be able to stretch the legs a bit, especially on a long flight, but their design made that impossible.
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ToSan Francisco, CA - San Francisco International (SFO)
Great seat
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToLisbon - Portela (LIS)
Bag drop queue huge. Boarding good. Seat okay. Service very poor and disorganised. Only got refreshments on descent into Lisbon.
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First time on an A380. Booked BA version of economy plus, which is branded as World Traveler Plus. Nice cabin and decent seat on the top deck. Excellent legroom, comfortable seat that reclines well, but for me, not sleepable. The aircraft is quiet and offered a comfortable ride. The IFE was a disaster! The system would lock-up if you accessed the map function, you know, the one with the airplane that barely moves over the ground during the flight. The seats are well designed except when it comes to plugging in the supplied two pronged headsets. The plug port is situated on the inboard side of the seat at thigh level, which makes it perfect for bending the headphone jacks off in the ports with your butt when standing up. This was the case with my seat where a previous passenger had done just that, so I could not have any audio for my non-funtional IFE. 11 hours was a very long time to spend without any diversions! The FAs where kind enough and as helpful as they could be. The food was horrible (advanced meal request not acknowledged) and the drinks where not offered with enough frequncy.
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FromOsaka - Kansai International (KIX)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
Für 175 cm ist die Länge genug, bei 190 wird man anstoßen.
Für mich einer der besten Sitze, da man bei rausgehen über Niemanden rübersteigen muss und niemand muss über einen rüber. Es ist auch ruhig, da die Bar mit den Snacks in der Mitte, zwischen den zwei Business class Abteilungen ist. Der Service war prima, die Crewmitglieder freundlich, es ist schwierig für die Crew immer über das Glasfenster alles zu reichen.... auch für Alleinreisende ist diese Sitzanordnung suboptimal, man starrt sich praktisch ständig in die saugen, wenn die Trennscheibe unten ist. Zu weit dagegen finde ich es gut!
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToMilan - Linate (LIN)
Nothing special
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ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
This being BA's World Traveler Plus it was fine for what it was. However, for too long now the difference on BA between World Traveler and World Traveler Plus has been the legroom and not much more.

There has been some improvement in the main meal served. Ours was very good indeed. But the outward afternoon snack and the return breakfast were not fit for human consumption and an insult to BA customers.

The said breakfast was a disgusting cold croissant spread with a revolting cheese and a nasty fruit bar. The afternoon ‘snack' was a lump of pizza bread with some kind of cheese topping that stuck to the roof of the mouth and tasted as gross as it looked.

As for the seats, they are very hard to recline and ours needed the assistance of a second person to bring them upright again.

There is also an issue with the noise made when tray-tables are returned to their arm rest holders in that they make a loud bang and disturb those trying to sleep or rest.
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FromLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
ToJohannesburg - Oliver Reginald Tambo International (JNB)
Quite a disappointing trip. Tv monitor was broken and had to have various things jammed behind it to keep it from swinging back shut. The IFE had not been updated so was showing the previous months one was able to explain why.
Meal services were awful, just one poor lady seeing to the entire cabin ! Ridiculous. That led to a poor service with some things not given. Cabin itself was tidy, seats are very uncomfortable when laid flat even with the new white company bedding. Sorry BA, I do try to be loyal to my flag carrier but you need to up your game in business class, you aren't a patch on others I've flown.
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FromSan Francisco, CA - San Francisco International (SFO)
ToLondon - London Heathrow (LHR)
Premium Economy for an overnight flight departing 20.35 local time. Good legroom and additional locker and shelf between seat and window is helpful. Good entertainment screen and excellent headphones. Food service good, staff excellent but limited choice. marginal improvement on Economy. Challenge is finding comfortable position to sleep. Ok if you manage to sleep in a reclined position but your legs will always be unsupported. Also seat depth is limited so little chance of tucking them up on your seat.
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