British Airways seat reviews

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FromLondon-London Gatwick (LGW)
ToPort Of Spain-Piarco International (POS)
Good seat, didn't find the traffic to be that disturbing. The aircraft needs an over-haul as it is looking very 'worn', carpets are frayed, equipment not that reliable. To b e honest the majority of the BA 777 fleet out of Gatwick needs some updating. Other than that a very good flight.
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FromLos Angeles-Los Angeles International (LAX)
ToLondon-London Heathrow (LHR)
Travelling home on the overnight flight from LA, our first ever experience of the A380 wasn't overwhelming. The seats were ok, we especially liked the storage bin under the window (as we don't travel with huge amounts of cabin luggage)but my flight was spoiled by the passenger in front exercising his right to recline his seat fully, making mealtime very awkward. The stewardess did say - AFTER the event! - that she could have asked him to sit up, but then I would have felt under pressure to eat up quickly. BA take note - it is a design fault when the seat in front ends up in your lap!!! Plus points, it was certainly the quietest flight I have been on and the quality of the seat back video screen was very good. Service was ok, but nothing special. Breakfast was absolutely dreadful, a croissant as hard as a brick and a granola bar so chewy it could have harmed your teeth. In summary, been there, done that, not at all bothered if I never fly one again.
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ToLondon-London Heathrow (LHR)
Usual club seat ,the toilet is very small and only one on each side ,quite noisy as near the galley very good draw space but when the bed is down you can't reach it and nowhere to put water bottle
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50b was very comfortable very large toilets to change in ,stairs to downstairs but no one used them and with the curtain closed very cosy would recommend this seat only one problem just the bottom cubby hole to put shoes etc then can't be reached when the bed is down
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FromWashington, DC-Washington Dulles International (IAD)
ToLondon-London Heathrow (LHR)
Great seat! I was surprised that BA was now flying the 777-200 with the updated World Traveller Plus cabin on this route. The seat is excellent and very comfortable for sleeping, especially the window seats. The seat is about 3-4 inches wider than the old World Traveller Plus seats on the outdated 747 and 767. Plenty of legroom when seat in front of you is reclined. In seat entertainment is excellent! The interactive route map kept me busy pretty much the whole flight.
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ToLondon-London Heathrow(LHR)
First Class? Well not quite BA ... The seats are very cramped up in the nose of the B747 and the width of the seats are about the same as in Business class, with still (can you believe it) not one little space to place a phone, a pair of glasses, etc. This results in everyone falling off and into/behind the seat during the night while one is sleeping. How much did BA spend for these new seats???
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FromSan Francisco, CA-San Francisco International (SFO)
ToLondon-London Heathrow (LHR)
This seat is down as "Beware" but in face it is one of the best in World Traveller.

Full recline, about 1 inch of extra legroom vs other sin WT and the benefit of a gap behind to toss old newspapers etc, and no person behind moving your seat.

In reality you don't get much noise from the toilet behind, and you are close to the galley for snacks.

Even better if 36B is empty as it was on my last flight.

HOWEVERE beware 36C - it sticks out into the corridor so people will hold the top of your seat when standing for the toilet.

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FromLondon-London Heathrow(LHR)
ToHong Kong-Hong Kong International(HKG)
Nice new World Traveller Plus Seat. Added bonus of window side locker and lots of space. Recline was "OK". The headrest does not have adjustable "wings" to less comfortable than old Economy style, but seat was comfy with lots of leg room for 13hr flight.
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FromLondon-London Heathrow (LHR)
ToLos Angeles-Los Angeles International (LAX)
Very disappointed with the leg space in economy class. The plane is nice and I chose the flight particularly to try A380. But...I couldn't fit. We are a family of 3 and got 3 seats in the window row. I am 170 cm tall and once the seat in front of you is reclined I cannot fit. And we are talking about 11 h flight. My husband is 190 cm and he cannot fit even if the seat is not reclined, his legs stayed out and he was lucky that the seat in front of him was not reclined. We both have sore legs and its 3 days after the flight. We never had this problem when flying with BA on B747, so I am very disappointed as my expectations on A380 was very high. This spoils all the nice impression from the rest of the flight. I would avoid using a380 of BA in future
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FromHong Kong-Hong Kong International (HKG)
ToLondon-London Heathrow (LHR)
Recommended this seat by colleague. At first concerned due to proximity to area people might stand, but turned out good as was able to place Rimowa rollerbag on floor ahead of seat to use as footstool.

Very quiet. Good economy seat. (WT).

Severe lack of handbaggage space in this cabin - the overhead racks are too small to even properly hold IATA dimension luggage. Cabin crew very frustrated. Had to use WTP lockers.

No windows on this row - so a bit of an odd flight, but as I was sleeping most of time, no big deal.
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