Avianca Baggage and Carry-on

What is Avianca policy with regard to carry-on baggage?

On Avianca flights, the carry-on baggage allowance consists of one bag plus one personal item. LifeMiles or Star Alliance status and the class of travel may entitle passengers to additional carry-on allowance.

What is Avianca policy with regard to checked baggage?

On all Avianca flights, at least one piece of baggage can be checked for free as long as the weight and size limits are not exceeded.

If your flight has a leg in codeshare/interline agreement with a partner airline, the MSC (Most Significant Carrier) rule will apply, i.e. the baggage policy of the first carrier crossing the area (for example, from America to Europe) or the sub-area (for example, from North to Central America), or the baggage policy of the carrier on the first international sector within a sub-area.

Carry-on Baggage

Passengers can transport in the cabin one piece of carry-on baggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg (22 lbs). The sum of exterior dimensions (height + length + width) may not exceed 115 cm (45 in).

On all Avianca flights except to/from the United States, LifeMiles Elite members (Gold and Diamond) and Star Alliance Gold status passengers traveling in Business Class are entitled to one additional piece of carry-on baggage.

One of the following items of each category (one additional item and, if applicable, one special item) may be transported in the cabin at no additional cost, as long as their dimensions and weight do not inconvenience other people or obstruct aisles, doors or emergency exits:

Additional ItemsSpecial Items
♦ Handbag, briefcase or portfolio♦ Walking stick/frames♦ Baby cot (only on A330 & B787)
♦ Photo/video equipmentWheelchairs, crutches and prostheses
on which the passengers are dependant
Foldable baby stroller
(conditions apply)
♦ Laptop computer in its casePOC with properly packaged batteries♦ Diaper bag

Checked Baggage

For each piece of checked baggage, the total sum of the external dimensions (height + length + width) may not exceed 158 cm (62 in). The number of pieces, as well as the weight, combined or individual, of the pieces of baggage, depend on the travel region:

Travel RouteEconomy ClassBusiness Class
Domestic flights within Colombia, Ecuador and Peru1 piece up to
23 kg (50 lbs)
2 pieces up to
32 kg (70 lbs) each
Within Latin America (South America and Central America)
To/from the Caribbean and Central America
Between North America (the US, Canada and Mexico) and South America2 pieces up to
23 kg (50 lbs) each
To/from Europe

Members with LifeMiles or Star Alliance status can transport without additional cost and regardless of the travel region the following pieces of baggage:

Frequent Flyer StatusEconomy ClassBusiness Class
LifeMiles Silver Members2 pieces up to 23 kg (50 lbs) each2 pieces up to 32 kg (70 lbs) each
LifeMiles (Diamond and Gold Member)
Star Alliance Gold
2 pieces up to 23 kg (50 lbs) each2 pieces up to 32 kg (70 lbs) each
1 additional piece of 20 kg (44 lbs)

Excess Baggage

Overweight, oversized and additional pieces are subject to available space on the aircraft. Pieces that weigh 46 kg or more (101 lbs) or with the sum of their external dimensions (height + length + width) greater than 230 cm (90.5 inches) are not accepted by Avianca as checked baggage. For flights to/from Europe, the maximum weight permitted is 32 kg (70 lbs) per piece of baggage.

Any excess above the free baggage allowance (extra pieces of baggage, oversized and/or overweight baggage) will be accepted only upon payment of additional fees. If a piece of baggage within the free baggage allowance is overweight or oversized, the highest charge will apply.

Excess Baggage Fees – Domestic Flights (taxes not included)
Excess BaggageColombiaPeruEcuadorGuatemala & Honduras

Overweight 1st Piece

23 – 32 kgCOP 225,000USD 20USD 10USD 30
32 – 45 kgCOP 300,000USD 40USD 20USD 40
Oversized Piece158 – 230 cmCOP 100,000USD 60USD 50USD 50
2nd PieceUp to 23 kgCOP 150,000USD 40USD 30USD 20
23 – 32 kgCOP 225,000USD 60USD 40
32 – 45 kgCOP 300,000USD 80USD 50
3rd+ Extra PieceUp to 23 kg

Up to 158 cm

COP 150,000USD 40USD 30USD 40
23 – 32 kg

Up to 158 cm

COP 225,000USD 60USD 40USD 50
32 – 45 kg

158 – 230 cm

COP 300,000USD 80USD 50USD 70


Excess Baggage Fees – International Flights – the Americas
Excess BaggageFlights within
Latin America
Between the US, Canada
and Central America
Between the US, Canada and
the Caribbean, South America
Free Piece
23 – 32 kgUSD 100USD 100USD 100
32 – 45 kgUSD 160USD 160USD 160
Oversized Piece158 – 230 cmUSD 140USD 140USD 140
2nd PieceUp to 23 kgUSD 40USD 40 / CAD 45
3+ Extra PieceUp to 23 kg

Up to 158 cm

USD 160USD 160USD 185
23 – 32 kg

Up to 158 cm

USD 210USD 230USD 210
32 – 45 kg

158 – 230 cm

USD 260USD 280USD 260


Excess Baggage Fees – International Flights – Europe
Excess BaggageFrom AmericaFrom SpainFrom London
Overweight Piece23 – 32 kgUSD 80EUR 60GBP 55
Oversized Piece158 – 230 cmUSD 110EUR 110GBP 70
Extra PieceUp to 23 kg & 158 cmUSD 210EUR 160GBP 130
23 – 32 kg & 158 – 230 cmUSD 280EUR 210GBP 175

Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment with the sum of the three dimensions exceeding 230 cm (90 in) or weighing more than 45 kg (100 lbs) will not be accepted as checked baggage and may only be transported by Avianca’s freight service.

Sporting equipment for fishing, bowling, archery, and tennis are accepted as part of the free baggage allowance provided that the weight does not exceed 23 kg (50 lbs) and the sum of their three dimensions does not exceed 158 cm (62 in). If the free baggage allowance is exceeded, sporting equipment will be considered excess baggage and charged accordingly.

An extra charge (plus applicable taxes) applies for transporting the following sporting equipment as checked baggage:

  • Golf and skiing/snowboarding equipment:
    • COP 60.000 / USD 20 – domestic flights.
    • USD 40 / EUR 40 / GBP 35 – international flights.
  • Bicycle (max. 230 cm), scuba diving equipment, surfboard (max. length 3.7 meters / 12 feet), kitesurf  (max. 366 cm / 12 feet), windsurfing equipment (max. 366 cm / 12 feet), delta wing (max. length 5 meters):
    • COP 80.000 / USD 20 – domestic flights.
    • USD 150 – flights between North America and Central America.
    • USD 100 / EUR 95 / GBP 80 – all other international flights.

Baggage Services

For any baggage irregularity, you have a reasonable amount of time to formally make your claim at the Baggage Office at the arrival airport, through Avianca Baggage Call Center or online:

  • In the unlikely event of damage to baggage or loss of items, you have up to 7 days after arrival at the final destination, or after receiving the baggage, to file a claim.
  • If your baggage is delayed, you must notify Avianca before leaving the airport and complete the Baggage Claim Form. If you’ve already left the airport, you can notify Avianca online. You have a maximum of 21 days from arrival to file a formal claim.
  • Whenever a passenger who is not a resident in the destination country does not receive his/her free baggage allowance on the same day of travel, Avianca will offer a compensation for basic necessities.

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