Austrian Airlines Covid Rules

What is Austrian  Airlines doing to ensure a safe journey for its passengers?

As traveling in times of COVID-19 raises many questions, Austrian Airlines summarised the most important information for you from country-specific entry regulations and a guide for safe travel to hygiene and safety measures and flexible booking options:

  • Entry requirements.
  • Travel preparations.
  • Protective measures.
  • Flexible booking.

Entry Requirements

Currently, various countries have different entry requirements, and you need to review and observe the entry requirements for your destination, as well as the regulations at the departure and destination airports. If you have a connecting flight, you also need to check the entry regulations for the country of the transfer. Austrian Airlines offers information about entry requirements for Austria and the US, as well as country-specific entry requirements for all Austrian Airlines destinations.

To enter many countries, you currently need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. It is possible to have an antigen or PCR test carried out on departure or arrival at Vienna International Airport.

Travel Preparations

When you’re preparing for your next flight and want to travel as safely and carefree as possible, Austrian Airlines comes to your aid with: 

  • Travel inspiration. An interactive map helps you discover the Austrian Airlines destination that best matches your plans and offers, at the same time, brief information on travel restrictions and other requirements.
  • Safe travel guide. Austrian Airlines’ safe travel guide offers ample information, including a travel briefing and a step-by-step guideline from booking your flight to the arrival at your destination and information about the mask obligation. You protect yourself and your fellow passengers by wearing a mask. According to the Austrian Federal Government ordinance, FFP2 masks are compulsory during your journey with Austrian Airlines. The mask obligation applies onboard Austrian Airlines flights from boarding until leaving the aircraft. Masks are also compulsory at all Austrian airports in the entire enclosed area. Children under 6 are exempt from the mask requirement. If you cannot wear a mask for health reasons, you must have a COVID-19 negative PCR test and a current medical certificate using the Austrian Airlines mask exemption form.
  • Digital document check. For many flights, Austrian Airlines offers online document checks. You can upload online your corona-related documents, such as your Covid-19 test results, vaccination certificate, or entry form, and the Health Entry Support Centre will check whether everything is complete and inform you accordingly. Participation in the digital document check is voluntary but offers the benefits of knowing with certainty that you are complying with entry requirements before even arriving at the airport, saving time at the airport, and starting your journey feeling relaxed.

Protective Measures

Nothing being more important than the well-being and safety of passengers and employees, Austrian Airlines took protective measures since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • At Vienna Airport, cleaning activities are being stepped up, and plexiglass panes (so-called “sneeze guards”) are installed at check-in, boarding, and information counters. Floor markings ensure that the minimum distance is kept, and hand disinfection dispensers are available to passengers along the way to the aircraft.
  • Boarding takes place in smaller groups, allowing you to board the aircraft even faster and with the necessary distance. The contactless boarding available at Vienna Airport through Quick Boarding Gates allows for a scanner to read the boarding pass, and thus contact with a  staff member is not necessary.
  • The frequency and intensity of cabin cleaning have been increased. In addition to the standard cleaning after every flight, there is also more frequent intensive cleaning of tables, seat belts, armrests, toilets, and door handles.
  • Special filters ensure constant cleaning of the air on board during the flight and supply a complete exchange of fresh air approximately every three minutes. The standard of the air filters is equivalent to that in clinical operating theatres. Plus, airflow in the cabin takes place from top to bottom. The resulting excellent air quality, in combination with an FFP2 mask, offers so much protection that it is not essential to maintain minimum distance to passengers in neighboring seats.
  • The in-flight service has been adapted and simplified to minimize contact between people on board.

Flexible Booking

To give you the freedom when making your travel plans, Austrian Airlines bookings made from August 2, 2021, can be rebooked flexibly:

  • There is a reduced rebooking fee for Economy Light and Business Saver fares. With a rebooking, you can change the travel date.
  • For all other fares, you can rebook without additional costs and select a new travel date, a new departure airport, and/or a new destination airport. An additional payment may be required if the new fare is more expensive. You can rebook as many times as you want.

If your flight was canceled due to the current situation or was rebooked to a significantly later date, and you do not wish to make use of the rebooking option, you can request a refund.

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