Allegiant Air review by Tftf #37895

Tiny seats in this airplane for a my curvaceous body 😩.
The tall dark fight attendant provided comforting eye contact & had a pleasant vibe which compensated for her colleagues lack of. Similar experience with the agents at the check-in counter. The dark lad and blond lady agents were kind and respectful despite the lineup and caos with their broken down payment system. Sadly the slender dark hair dude at the check-in counter was far from respectful and friendly but rather rude, disrespectful and cocky. I placed the my suitcase on the scale and he went on to say, “who told you to put the suitcase their ?!?!” Seriously guy…you should NOT be in the customer service field. And I don’t care how bad of a day you might have been having since you obviously didn’t care how bad of a day I may have been having BUT anyone that has any type of authority has no excuse to be rude and to use their position to be disrespectful with others.

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