Allegiant Air Baggage and Carry-on

What is Allegiant Air’s policy on carry-on allowance?

The carry-on allowance for each passenger traveling on an Allegiant Air flight consists of:

  • One personal itemfree of charge.
  • One carry-on bagfor a fee.

What is Allegiant Air’s policy on checked baggage allowance?

Allegiant Air charges a checked baggage fee for every checked bag; there is no free checked baggage allowance. The total number of bags allowed may not exceed 5 per passenger, from which only 4 can be reserved in advance online, each bag must weigh no more than 40 lbs (18 kg), and the outside measurements of each bag must not exceed 80 inches (203 cm). Otherwise, excess baggage charges will apply, in addition to checked baggage charges.


Each passenger is allowed to bring on board one personal item, free of charge. The personal item may consist of a briefcase, laptop, purse, small backpack, or other similar item and must fit underneath the seat in front of the passenger.

In addition to one personal item, each passenger may travel with one carry-on bag provided the applicable fee is paid in advance or at the airport. The carry-on bag, which may consist of a roll-aboard bag, garment bag, tote bag, etc., must fit in the overhead compartment.

Size Requirements

Both the personal item and carry-on bag must comply with size restrictions set by Allegiant Air. Maximum exterior dimensions below include wheels, handles, pockets, and decorations, so you should measure your bag carefully:

  • For the personal item7″ height x 15″ width x 16″ length (17.8 cm x 38.1 cm x 40.6 cm).
  • For the carry-on bag9″ height x 14″ width x 22″ length (22.9 cm x 35.6 cm x 55.9 cm).

In some cases, like oversized carry-on bags brought to the gate or limited overhead bin space, it may be necessary to gate-check baggage and pay a fee. Also, an oversized personal item may be considered a carry-on bag, and fees apply accordingly.


The carry-on bag fee does not apply for the following items that may be carried on board the aircraft, in addition to carry-on baggage allowance.

  • Mobility aids, medical equipment, and assistive devices of qualified persons with disabilities.
  • Car seats/strollers.
  • A jacket, coat, wrap, or similar outer garment.
  • A diaper bag.
  • An umbrella.
  • One item of reading material.
  • Food for consumption during the flight.
  • One bag or box of duty-free purchases.


Passengers who want to bring a carry-on bag will be charged a carry-on fee. The fee is charged per segment which consists of one takeoff and one landing. Unless the bag is lost or your itinerary qualifies for cancellation without penalty, the carry-on fee is non-refundable.

The carry-on fee may be paid online or at the airport. Allegiant Air offers passengers the option to pay for their carry-on before arriving at the airport. You can save by reserving your baggage at the time of booking or through Manage My Travel at any time, as long as you have not already checked in at the airport or printed/downloaded your boarding pass. If booked in advance and paid online, the baggage fees for your carry-on bag are significantly lower.

Depending on departure and arrival airports, Allegiant Air will charge baggage fees as follows:

  • Carry-on fee:
    • $18 to $34 – at the time of booking.
    • $45 – pre-departure.
    • $50 – at the airport.
  • Oversized personal items and oversized and/or excess carry-on baggage$50 to $75.
  • Gate-checked bag fee$0 to $75.

Checked Baggage

To make leisure travel affordable and convenient and keep their fares as low as possible, Allegiant Air offers several optional services, including checked baggage you can add to your travel itinerary for a fee. All checked baggage, including the first bag, is subject to charges when you are traveling on an Allegiant Air flight.

Each piece of sports equipment will be considered a checked bag, and all applicable fees are charged per bag & per segment.

You have two options to add bags to your reservation: either in advance of your arrival at the airport or at the airport. You can add bags to your itinerary when booking online. If you do not reserve bags at the time of booking, you can do it later through Manage My Travel, but only if you haven’t already checked in at the airport or printed/downloaded your boarding pass. Because baggage fees that you pay when you reserve your bags in advance are significantly lower than those that apply at the airport, you should carefully verify your bag reservations when you check in.

Baggage must be checked at the airport ticket counter no earlier than 2 hours and no later than 45 minutes before flight departure. All baggage is subject to inspection by Allegiant Air.

Size and Weight Requirements

Allegiant Air will not accept any piece of baggage in excess of 115 inches (sum of outside length plus outside height plus outside width) and/or 100 lbs. Any piece of baggage that exceeds the following size and weight restrictions will be subject to additional charges (overweight and/or oversized baggage fee):

  • 40 lbs (18 kg) – in weight.
  • 80 linear inches (203 cm) – in exterior dimensions (outside length + outside height + outside width), including wheels, handles, pockets, and any decorations.


Allegiant Air will accept wheelchairs, other mobility aids, and assistive devices used by an individual with a disability without any charge, including overweight and oversized baggage fees.

One infant stroller and one infant/child safety seat will be checked, at the ticket counter or gate, for each fare-paying passenger traveling with a child, at no charge. When traveling with a child, you are allowed to take a stroller or a car seat to the boarding area. If the stroller or car seat is gate-checked, it will be stowed in the cargo hold of the aircraft and can then be picked up at the gate side upon reaching the final destination.


Baggage fees may be paid in advance (up to 4 bags may be reserved in advance) or at the airport and are non-refundable unless your bag is lost or your itinerary qualifies for cancellation without penalty. Allegiant Air will assess a baggage fee per bag, per segment (one takeoff and one landing) depending on your route and the moment when you pay your bags (prepaid online or at the airport):

  • $22 to $44 – at the time of booking.
  • $45 – pre-departure.
  • $50 – at the airport.

Excess baggage charges, non-refundable, will be applied to excess baggage, overweight, and/or oversized checked bags. The following excess baggage charges are assessed and paid only at the airport:

  • 5th checked bag $50 per bag per segment.
  • Overweight bag between 41 and 70 lbs (18.2 – 31.8 kg) – $50 per segment (in addition to the assessed baggage fee).
  • Overweight bag between 71 and 100 lbs (32.2 – 45.4 kg) – $75 per segment (in addition to the assessed baggage fee).
  • Oversized bag in excess of 80 linear inches (203.2 cm) – $75 per segment (in addition to the assessed baggage fee).

Baggage Service

If an item is found in the terminal or on the aircraft, it will be turned into the local baggage service department. A lost article is held at the local baggage office for a 30 days period in which you can claim it, or make arrangements to be shipped at your expense. If 30 days have passed and the item hasn’t been claimed, the item is forwarded to System Baggage Service for salvage.

Allegiant Air makes every reasonable effort to deliver the baggage to the baggage claim area timely and efficiently. In case your checked bags do not arrive on the same flight as you, every reasonable effort will be made to return the baggage to you within 24 hours. Allegiant Air will compensate passengers for reasonable expenses that result from delays in the delivery of baggage.

In the case of loss of, damage to, or delay in delivery of baggage, preliminary written notice must be presented to the Allegiant Baggage Service Office at the airport, within 4 hours after the arrival of the flight, or within 24 hours for missing items from baggage. Allegiant Air will reimburse passengers for any fee charged to transport a bag if that bag is lost.

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