airberlin flying with babies

When does airberlin require to reserve a seat and purchase a ticket for my baby?

You are required to reserve a seat and purchase a ticket only if your baby is 2 years of age or older since babies under 2 years should travel on their parents’ lap, without occupying a seat. If your baby has his/her second birthday between the outbound flight and the return flight, airberlin requires you to purchase a ticket for the entire trip, and your child will have the right to a seat for both the outbound and return flights, taking into consideration that, for safety reasons, small children are required by law to travel in a child seat.

Does airberlin offer discounts for infants and children?

All infants (children under 2 years of age at the start of the last flight in the booking) pay 15% of the net adult fare on short-haul and medium-haul flights and 20% on long-haul flights (additional taxes may be charged in some individual cases). The infant discount applies for all fares when the infant will not occupy a seat. For infants occupying a seat, airberlin will apply the children discount.

Children under 12 years old (the child’s age at the start of the trip)are offered a discount of up to 20% on the net adult fare on long-haul flights only.


Infants under two years old must sit on their parents’ lap and are not entitled to a seat. If you do not want your child to sit on your lap, you have the option to book a separate seat for your child, for which you will have to pay the same fare as for a child under 12 years old. To be able to book a seat for your child, you must assure he/she will fly in an approved restraint system in order to ensure your infant’s safety.

Seat Reservation

In order for the family to sit together, you can reserve seats for your family online or by calling the Service Center up to 4 hours before the flight’s departure. You can use Web Check-in to select adjacent seats without an advance seat reservation, but please note that for the Economy Light fare, a free choice of seating is not possible during Web Check-in. Due to safety regulations, you may not seat with your baby on seats next to an emergency exit, and only one child per row is allowed.


Infants without reserved seats have a free baggage allowance of 1 bag up to 23 kg, except with the Economy Light fare.

Infant items (your baby’s buggy/pushchair, car seat and carrycot) can be checked free of charge. There is no free baggage allowance included in the Economy Light fare, but you can still check infant items free of charge. At the check-in desk, you should ask whether you can take the pushchair with you as far as the aircraft. If you can take your baby’s buggy/pushchair to the aircraft, one of the staff members will hold it and return it to you when you disembark. No additional baggage can be booked for infants.

Infants with a reserved seat have the same baggage allowance as adult passengers.

Child Restraint Devices

In order to fly with your baby in his/her own seat, you must take your child’s car seat on board, and it must be an approved child restraint system that can be secured by a two-point belt. The types of suitable child seats and restraint devices are:

  • Child seats approved exclusively for use in aircraft by a public authority of a JAA Member State, the FAA or Transport Canada.
  • Child seats approved in accordance with the safety standard ECE-R44/03 or a later version (to be used in cars).
  • Child seats approved in accordance with the Canadian standard CMVSS (213/213.1), to be used in vehicles and aircraft.
  • Child seat approved in accordance with the US standard FMVSS Nr. 213 for use in motor vehicles and aircraft and marked accordingly.

The restraint devices that carry the TUV Rheinland’s seal “For use in aircraft” are mostly suitable: (for example, Maxi Cosi Mico or Citi).

You should register your child’s restraint device through airberlin’s Service Center at least 48 hours before the flight’s departure.

Infant Amenities

In order for you to travel safely and comfortably with your infant, you should take into account the following amenities airberlin offers:

  • On flights with duration of at least 90 minutes, airberlin provides bassinets for infants up to 12 months on many of its aircraft. In order to use a bassinet on board, you must have a seat reservation in a row suitable for bassinets. On short-haul and medium-haul flights, bassinets are available only in Business Class. On long-haul flights, bassinets are located across seats 15 D, E, F, and G (XL seats with extra legroom) and across seats 36 D, E, F and G. If you would like to use a cot, please reserve a seat in the corresponding row, at the time of booking or at a later date, up to 4 hours before departure online or through airberlin Service Centre.
  • You can take any baby food on board, and the cabin crew members will warm your bottles or jars. They will also provide you with water for your baby’s bottle.
  • You can change your child easily in toilets since they are provided with changing facilities.
  • airberlin will provide you with a spare dipper, feeding bottle and bib.



For children between 2 and 11 years old, general baggage regulations will apply. You can check your child’s buggy/pushchair, child seat and carrycot at no extra charge. You should ask if you can keep your buggy until boarding since it is possible in most cases.


When you are traveling with a child over 2 years old, you must participate in the regular group boarding process where each group will be called one by one at the gate by one of the staff members. The information about your boarding group number and boarding gate will be on your boarding pass. You should arrive at the gate on time and have with you your boarding pass and a passport or ID Card.

In-flight Services for Children

When you fly with your child, you can relax and enjoy the flight since airberlin has an excellent in-flight service for its youngest passengers. airberlin offers children coloring books, puzzles, comics or an airberlin cap and, on long-haul flights, audio channels, cartoons and a special kid’s menu.

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