airBaltic flying with pets

Does airBaltic accept animals for transportation?

airBaltic accepts as pets only dogs and cats for transportation either in the passenger cabin (as hand luggage) or in the cargo hold (as checked baggage). Pets are not accepted on airBaltic flights:

  • To the UK, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates.
  • In the passenger cabin, from the UK, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates.

What arrangements are necessary for transportation of pets on airBaltic flights?

Information about the pet must be provided when booking the ticket. Only a certain number of pets are allowed on each flight. airBaltic can refuse transportation if this number is exceeded, or if the aircraft configuration does not allow for animal transportation. After receiving the confirmation, payment must be arranged via the online payment service.

An animal container can include a maximum of 2 pets as long as they are of the same kind (e.g. two dogs). The animal must fit comfortably in the box or container; otherwise, check-in may be denied. Also, passengers traveling with an animal must comply with all animal welfare provisions and obtain any and all documents required for the pet’s transportation.

Pets in the Passenger Cabin

In the passenger cabin, the only pets allowed are dogs and cats. A container (also known as a “soft bag” or “Sherpa bag”) must be used when transporting the pet which must have enough space to stand up in its natural position, turn around and lie down. The container must also be well-ventilated.

Each passenger is allowed to carry only one container. The container must have maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm and a maximum weight of 8 kg (pet together with container).

For transporting a pet in the cabin, airBaltic will charge a non-refundable fee of €60 per direction.

Pets as Checked Baggage

Animals that cannot be transported as hand baggage can be transported in appropriate containers in the cargo hold, as checked baggage. Passengers must provide their own container for animal transportation. A passenger may travel with maximum five pets as checked baggage.

The container must have a maximum weight of 75 kg (pet together with container). The transport container must be large enough, leak-proof, escape-proof (sturdy plastic or wood containers are recommended; wire-mesh cages are not accepted), and ventilated on at least three sides. The maximum dimensions of the container are 156 x 86 x 80 cm (length x height x width).

Passengers traveling with pets are not allowed to use one of the self-check-in options offered by airBaltic. They must check in at an airBaltic desk at the airport. However, the airport check-in fee is not applicable to them. Pets transported in the cargo compartment must be checked-in at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure.

For transporting a pet as checked baggage, airBaltic will charge a non-refundable fee depending on the total weight (pet + container):

  • €100 per direction – up to 32 kg.
  • €200 per direction – 32-75 kg

Service Animals

On airBaltic flights, Service Animals travel free of charge and are allowed in the cabin if harnessed. Also, Service Animals excluded from weight limitations and container requirements when traveling in the cabin. Within the aircraft, there is limited space and seats for passengers traveling with service animals. For this reason, airBaltic requires at least 48 hours advance notice if you need to travel with a Service Animal.

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