Air Europa flying with pets

Are pets accepted on Air Europa flights?

On Air Europa flights, animals are accepted in both the passenger cabin (PETC) and aircraft hold (AVIH). However, the acceptance of pets on Air Europa flights is subject to the strict conditions, and different restrictions may apply depending on the destination country.

Which animals are never accepted on Air Europa flights?

Air Europa will not accept either in the cabin or as checked baggage:

  • Animals not accompanied by their owners or authorised representatives of the owners.
  • Commercial shipments of pet animals or shipments considered to be commercial (the maximum number of pets that each passenger may transport without it being considered a commercial consignment is 5).
  • Protected endangered species.
  • Adult carnivores of species not classified as pets.
  • Laboratory animals.
  • Unweaned animals.
  • Pregnant animals.
  • Any animal on flights to the UK.

Are advance arrangements required for pets to be accepted on Air Europa flights?

All pets require a reservation prior to traveling. The minimum advance notice for a request of pet carriage is 48 working hours. Acceptance will only be granted when the pet travels accompanied by the passenger and following prior authorization from Air Europa. The passenger must present with the animal at check-in sufficiently in advance so that the necessary formalities and security controls can be carried out.

Pets in the Passenger Cabin (PETC)

Under Air Europa’s pet classification, the pets that will be accepted in the passenger cabin include dogs, cats, birds (except birds of prey), fish, aquarium tortoises, and some rodents (hamsters, guinea pigs, or small rabbits). On flights to/from Mexico, only Guide Dogs accompanying a blind passenger are allowed in the aircraft cabin, and dogs and cats may travel only in the hold.

In order for animals to be accepted as PETC, the following requirements must be complied with:

  • Conditions for the pet:
    • Minimum 3 months old for medium- and long-haul flights and with the necessary vaccinations.
    • No offensive smell or unpleasant look for the rest of the passengers.
    • Maximum weight of 8 kg.
    • Always kept in the container and under no circumstances released in the cabin.
  • Conditions for the container:
    • Maximum dimensions of 55 x 35 x 25 cm.
    • Maximum weight of 10 kg (pet + container), 6 kg on flights operated with ATR aircraft.
    • Up to 3 pets in a single container, provided that they are all the same species and that the maximum size and weight limits are not exceeded.
    • Placed under the seat in front.
    • An approved model with proper ventilation or, failing that, it must be possible to close it completely without interfering with the animal’s breathing.


For animals traveling in the passenger cabin, the following charges will always be applied:

  • €9 / $10.4 / £8 – inter-island flights (the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands).
  • €25 / $27 / £18 – domestic flights (Mainland Spain, Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands).
  • €50 / $55 / £36 – medium-haul flights (Europe and Africa).
  • €150 / $165 / £110 – long-haul flights.

Pets in the Hold (AVIH)

Air Europa will accept for transportation in the hold only cats and dogs. Requirements that apply when animals are transported as checked baggage include:

  • Conditions for the pet:
    • Minimum 3 months old and with the necessary vaccinations.
    • Up to 5 animals per passenger.
    • Dogs that are potentially dangerous must wear a muzzle.
  • Conditions for the container:
    • Only IATA-approved rigid containers with a metal door and appropriately ventilated, appropriate for carriage by air.
    • Maximum size of 406 linear centimeters (160 in). The size of the container must be such that it allows the animal to remain upright without touching the top with any part of its head or ears, turn around freely and lie down naturally at all times.
    • Maximum one pet per container. However, a maximum of 2 animals will be permitted provided that they are of comparable size (up to 14 kg each) and are used to cohabiting, or a maximum of 3 animals provided that they are from the same litter and up to 6 months old.
    • The total weight limit is 50 kg for the animal plus container.


Animals traveling in the hold are not included in the free baggage allowance. The following charges will always be applied:

  • €20 / $23.2 / £17.7 – inter-island flights (the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands).
  • €90 / $100 / £64 – domestic flights (Mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands).
  • €100 / $110 / £71 – medium-haul flights (Europe, Canary Islands, and Africa).
  • €300 / $350 / £260 – long-haul flights.

Service Animals

Service Animals are accepted free of charge and excluded from the PETC and AVIH regulations. It is necessary to notify Air Europa 48 hours prior to the flight that you intend to travel with a Service Animal. The animal must be identified as a service animal by its identification card or other written documentation, the presence of harnesses or credible verbal guarantees from the passenger using the animal.

Guide Dogs that are not traveling in a container may be accepted in the passenger cabin provided they have the appropriate harness and do not take up a seat. They must be placed at the passenger’s feet and are not required to wear a muzzle. Other animals must be kept in their carriers at all times.

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