Air Europa Baggage and Carry-on

What is Air Europa’s policy on hand baggage?

Each passenger is allowed to carry on board hand baggage, limited by the number of pieces, weight and size. Additionally, free of charge, a few personal items may also be taken in the cabin.

What is Air Europa’s policy on checked baggage?

Each adult passenger has a free checked baggage allowance on every Air Europa flight. The baggage allowance is set by the piece system for all flights and may vary depending on route and travel class. Minors (children and infants) are entitled to the same allowance as adults.

In order to comply with current Health and Safety regulations for baggage handlers, Air Europa will only accept baggage up to a maximum weight of 32 kg (70 lbs) per piece. If any piece exceeds this weight, passengers will have to repack their baggage, making use, if necessary, of additional suitcases or travel bags. If the resulting baggage exceeds the free allowance, the relevant excess baggage charges will be applied.

Hand Baggage

The following hand baggage allowances apply on Air Europa flights depending on route and travel class:

Travel Class Medium-haul Flights Long-haul Flights Maximum Size
(all flights)
Economy Class 1 piece up to 10 kg 1 piece up to 10 kg 55 x 35 x 25 cm
Business Class 1 piece up to 14 kg 2 pieces up to 18 kg

The following personal items may be carried on board free of charge (with the exception of wheelchairs and baby carriages, which can be used until boarding the aircraft, when they shall be taken into the cargo compartment of the aircraft):

  • A handbag or purse, as long as they are not used as a container for the transport of articles that would receive the consideration of luggage if carried somewhere else.
  • Reading items (a reasonable quantity for the flight).
  • An overcoat, coat or travel rug.
  • An umbrella and/or a walking stick.
  • A laptop and a small camera and/or a pair of binoculars.
  • A baby basket/crib.
  • Children’s food (for consumption during the flight).
  • A folding wheelchair.
  • A pair of crutches or other prosthetic items (strictly necessary for the passenger).

Checked Baggage

The general checked baggage allowance applies to all passengers and depends on the type of flight (long-haul or medium-haul flight). There are exceptions from the general baggage allowance that depend on the route, as well as additional allowances based on frequent flyer status.

Baggage Allowance Economy Class Business Class
Medium-haul flights Long-haul flights Medium-haul flights Long-haul flights
General checked

baggage allowance

1 piece

up to 23 kg

1 piece

up to 23 kg

2 pieces

up to 23 kg each

3 pieces

up to 23 kg each

Exceptions Dakar*: 2 pieces

up to 23 kg each

Brasil: 2 pieces

up to 32 kg each

Bolivia, Caracas

and Lima*: 2 pieces

up to 23 kg each

Las Vegas: 1 piece

up to 20 kg

From Santo Domingo*:

2 pieces up to 23 kg each

Dakar: 3 pieces

up to 23 kg each

Brasil: 3 pieces

up to 32 kg each

New York, Miami

and San Juan:

2 pieces up to

32 kg each

Additional allowance 1 extra piece up to 23 kg for Elite, Gold and Elite Plus Skyteam passengers
*Except Almeria, Alicante, Asturias, Badajoz, Malaga and Valencia – 1 piece up to 23 kg.
**Applicable from September 1, 2014, only on flights originating from Santo Domingo. On flights with destination

Santo Domingo, the baggage allowance will remain 1 piece of 23 kg.

Additional Baggage

On the following routes, no excess baggage is allowed:

  • Between Almeria and Madrid.
  • Between Alicante and Madrid & Palma de Mallorca.
  • To/from Lisbon and Oporto.
  • From Badajoz, Lisbon, Malaga, Oporto, Oviedo and Valencia to America.
  • From any city in Europe to Bolivia.
  • To Lima and Buenos Aires, from June 15 to August 15 and November 15 to January 15.

Excess baggage means any piece of baggage over the number of pieces included in the baggage allowance. If you are traveling with excess baggage, you should arrive at the check-in desk at least 15 minutes before the check-in deadline. The extra charges for excess baggage can be paid at the airport, but also in advance, up to midnight on the day prior to departure. You can purchase extra baggage, with a discount, online or through Air Europa Call Center or Sales Offices. The purchase of additional luggage is not allowed for flights to Dakar.

Overweight baggage up to 32 kg per piece is permitted after payment of the relevant charges. Overweight baggage charges can be paid only at the check-in desk. The overweight baggage charge does not apply to Business, Elite and Elite Plus passengers whenever the total baggage weight does not exceed their allowance. If they exceed their allowance, the overweight charge must be paid.

Route Excess Baggage Charges Overweight Baggage Charge
In advance At the airport At the airport
Long-haul flights 50 EUR/USD – 2nd piece
100 EUR/USD – 3rd piece
60 EUR/USD – 2nd piece
150 EUR/USD – 3rd piece
Medium-haul flights 50 EUR/USD 60 EUR/USD 60 EUR/USD
(14 EUR/USD for Balearics
and Canaries residents
on domestic flights)

Sporting Equipment

Regardless of how many pieces of baggage they check,members of the Golf Balearic Federation are entitled to one golf bag weighing up to 23 kg (50 lbs) or less free of charge. Sporting equipment is included in the baggage allowance and is subject to extra charges only when the free baggage allowance is exceeded, with the following exceptions when sporting equipment is always subject to an extra charge:

  • Bicycles, scuba diving equipment, pole vaults and sporting firearms – 75 EUR one-way.
  • Surf equipment, hand gliders and gliding parachutes – 150 EUR one-way.

Baggage Services

If you experience an incident with your baggage, it is necessary to go to the Air Europa counter in the airport arrivals hall and complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) before leaving the airport. In the event of damage to your baggage, you must report the incidence before leaving the airport because, once you leave the baggage delivery area, Air Europa is exempt of any liability and claims will not be accepted.

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