Air Europa flying with babies

How can I travel with my baby on Air Europa flights?

Infants (children under the age of 2 on the date of the flight) are not entitled to a seat, and a discount will apply for the infant ticket. However, a seat can be reserved for an infant aged 6 months or over, but a child ticket must be purchased. Confirmation must always be obtained from Air Europa before bringing a child restraint device on board. However, if there are vacant seats, an infant car seat may be accepted on board even if a seat has not been reserved in advance for the child.

Babies who turn two years old during the trip are considered children for the entire trip, so passengers must be selected accordingly when booking a flight.

Can I travel with more than one baby on Air Europa flights?

One adult may travel with a maximum of two infants. In this case, one of the infants will sit on the adult’s lap using the additional safety belt that the crew will provide. The other infant shall travel on an authorized infant car seat placed on the seat next to the adult passenger. The fare applicable to the infant traveling on the car seat will be the same as for a child aged between 2 and 11 years old.

Infant Baggage

For infants, a bag up to 10 kg with food, drinks, and other items needed during the flight can be carried as hand luggage.

Although infants are not entitled to their own seat, they are entitled to a free baggage allowance of 1 piece of checked baggage up to 10 kg (except when the adult purchased the Lite fare). You cannot purchase additional baggage for an infant. If the maximum weight for the infant’s baggage allowance is exceeded, the following overweight baggage fees apply:

  • 10 – 23 kg – 30 EUR/GBP/USD/CHF.
  • 23 – 32 kg – 60 EUR/GBP/USD/CHF.

Additionally, one of the following articles is also permitted:

  • A collapsible pushchair.
  • An infant-carrying basket.
  • A baby car seat.

The pushchair can be checked in with the luggage or taken up to the aircraft steps, in which case it will be transported in the hold, and after landing, made available at the aircraft steps. If they can be stored in the overhead luggage compartment or under the seat in front, the other articles may be carried in the cabin. If not, they must be checked and transported in the hold.

Child Restraint Devices (CRD)

On all of its flights, Air Europa accepts an age-appropriate child restraint device provided that a seat has been reserved for the child. However, Air Europa does not guarantee the placement of a child restraint device in the seat reserved. Child restraint devices can be used for infants/children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years.

Air Europa accepts CRDs approved for use in aircraft only by any JAA authority, the FAA or Transport Canada and marked accordingly. The instructions for use must be taken along so that the approval labelling can be checked. The CARES flight harness is also accepted on Air Europa flights.

Certain types of child restraint systems have been banned from the use on aircraft by the FAA. These include backless booster seats, safety belt extensions (belly belts) and vest or harness devices that attach to an adult or to the child’s safety belt. Although some child restraint devices that were manufactured before the FAA’s ban may carry an insignia and/or language indicating they are approved for aircraft use, they will not be permitted on Air Europa aircraft.

A car seat exceeding 40 cm (16 in) in width is unlikely to fit even if the armrests of the aircraft seats are moved out of the way. If the safety seat does not fit the aircraft seat or it cannot be safely secured, it will be stored in the overhead bin or the hold.

A window seat is the preferred location for a child in a CRD. Other locations may be acceptable provided the access of neighbour passengers to the nearest aisle is not obstructed by the CRD. A child restraint device shall neither be installed in a row leading to an emergency exit nor in a row immediately forward or aft on an emergency exit. In general, only one child restraint device per row segment is recommended. More than one child restraint device per row segment is allowed if the children are from the same family or traveling group and provided the children are accompanied by a responsible person sitting next to them.

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