Air China Baggage and Carry-on

What is the carry-on allowance?

Air China’s passengers are allowed to carry in the cabin of the aircraft a limited amount of hand baggage:

Hand Baggage Allowance – International & Domestic Flights
Travel ClassNumber of Pieces
of Hand Baggage
Maximum Weight
per Piece
Maximum Dimensions
per Piece
Economy15 kg (11 lbs)55 x 40 x 20 cm
(22 x 16 x 8 in)
Business & First28 kg (17 lbs)

Any item exceeding these maximum dimensions, the weight limit permitted depending on the flight class, or the number of items allowed per traveler will not be accepted as carry-on allowance, their owner being required to register them as checked baggage.

What is the free checked baggage allowance?

The free checked baggage allowance varies depending on whether the flight is a domestic or an international one, but also on whether the class you’re travelling in First, Business or Economy.

Free Baggage Allowance



Domestic Flights

International Flights





per Piece

Number of


Maximum Weight

per Piece



per Piece

Economy20 kg (44 lbs)100 x 60 x 40 cm

(40 x 24 x 16 in)

1* or 2**23 kg (50 lbs)

158 cm (62 in)


Premium EconomyN/A223 kg (50 lbs)
Business30 kg (66 lbs)232 kg (70 lbs)
First40 kg (88 lbs)

* Between Hawaii and the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Southwest Pacific.

Between Europe, Africa, and Asia (except Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Singapore).

Within Asia (except Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Singapore). Other routes not listed.

**Between the Americas and the Caribbean (except Hawaii) and Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Southwest Pacific.

Between the Middle East and Europe, Africa, Asia, the Southwest Pacific Ocean.

Between Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Singapore, the Southwest Pacific Ocean and Europe, Africa, Asia (except Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Singapore).

Should you find yourself in an international flight involving multiple segments and carriers, you should know that, in accordance with the latest international regulations, you are supposed to follow the free baggage allowance of the Most Significant Carrier (MSC) involved in your journey (except for routes to/from the United States, except Hawaii, and Canada). The airline that will carry you the longest distance or that will operate the major segments of your travel is usually considered to be the Most Significant Carrier. On routes to/from the United States and Canada, the free checked baggage allowance will be determined in accordance with the standards of the First Marketing Carrier as listed in the ticket.

What are the minimum and maximum weight and size for checked baggage?

Every piece of checked baggage must comply with Air China’s minimum and maximum limits for weight or dimension:

Weight per PieceSize per Piece (total linear dimensions)
2 kg (4 lbs)32 kg (70 lbs)60 cm (24 in)203 cm (80 in)

Excess Baggage Fees & Special Baggage

Every piece of luggage that exceeds the free checked baggage allowance will be accepted as checked baggage after the according charges will be paid. If, however, the maximum limit (in weight or dimensions) is exceeded, your luggage will be considered cargo.

On international flights, excess baggage fees are calculated based on the following zones:

  • Zone 1 – travel between America/Caribbean (excluding the US and Canada) and Europe/Africa/Middle East/Asia/Southwest Pacific.
  • Zone 2 – travel between Europe/Middle East and Africa/Asia/ Southwest Pacific. Travel between Japan and the Southwest Pacific. Travel between Japan/Southwest Pacific and Africa/Asia (excluding Japan/Southwest Pacific).
  • Zone 3 – travel between Canada and America (excluding the U.S and Canada)/Caribbean/Europe/Africa/Middle East/Asia/Southwest Pacific.
  • Zone 4 – travel between the US (Hawaii included) and America/Caribbean/Europe/Africa/Middle East/Asia/Southwest Pacific. 
  • Zone 5 – travel between Africa and Asia (excluding Japan ). Travel between Europe and the Middle East. Travel within Asia (excluding Japan). Travel within America (excluding US/Canada) and the Caribbean. Other unspecified routes.
International – Excess Baggage Fees – Overweight AND/OR Oversized Piece
Excess BaggageZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
(23-28 kg)
380 RMB /
60 USD
280 RMB /
40 USD / 35 EUR
520 RMB /
75 USD / 100 CAD
690 RMB /
100 USD
210 RMB /
30 USD
Overweight OR Oversized
(28-32 kg or 158-203 cm)
980 RMB /
150 USD
690 RMB /
100 USD / 85 EUR
520 RMB /
75 USD / 100 CAD
1040 RMB /
150 USD
520 RMB /
75 USD
Overweight AND Oversized
(23-32 kg and 158-203 cm)
1400 RMB /
220 USD
1100 RMB /
160 USD / 140 EUR
520 RMB /
75 USD / 100 CAD
2050 RMB /
300 USD
830 RMB /
120 USD


International – Excess Baggage Fees – Extra Standard Piece*
Excess BaggageZone 1Zone 2Zone 3Zone 4Zone 5
1st extra piece1400 RMB /
220 USD
1100 RMB /
160 USD / 140 EUR
1170 RMB /
170 USD / 225 CAD
1380 RMB /
200 USD
830 RMB /
120 USD
2nd extra piece2000 RMB /
310 USD
1100 RMB /
160 USD / 140 EUR
1170 RMB /
170 USD / 225 CAD
1380 RMB /
200 USD
1100 RMB /
160 USD
3rd+ extra piece3000 RMB /
460 USD
1590 RMB /
230 USD / 200 EUR
1590 RMB /
230 USD / 300 CAD
1590 RMB /
230 USD
1590 RMB /
230 USD
*Standard piece – up to 158 cm and 23 kg in Economy/Premium Economy Class and 32 kg in First/Business Class.

On domestic flights (transportation within China for the whole journey), the excess baggage fee per kilo is 1.5% of the highest published direct, one-way adult Economy Class fare.

Sports Equipment

The following sports equipment is included in the free baggage allowance and exempt from the oversized piece fee,  but the part in excess (overweight piece and/or extra piece) is subject to regular excess baggage fees.: golf equipment, ski/water skiing equipment (not including snow sledge/water skiing sledge), bowling equipment, bicycles, roller skates, skateboard, diving equipment, archery equipment, hockey gear, camping gear, parachutes (including paragliding gear), tennis equipment, mountain climbing gear, fishing gear.

The following sports equipment is not included in the free baggage allowance and is subject to special baggage fees:

Sports EquipmentInternational and Regional Flights – Piece Concept

Domestic Flights

– Weight Concept

Weight per PieceFee per Piece
Canoe, kayak, hang gliding equipment,

snow sledge, water skiing sledge

Surfboard, windsurfing equipment,

 rubber boats, boats

Up to 23 kg2600 RMB400 USD




fee based

on the



23-32 kg3900 RMB600 USD
32-45 kg5200 RMB800 USD
Pole vault,  javelin, oar,

horse riding equipment

Up to 23 kg1300 RMB200 USD
23-32 kg2600 RMB400 USD
32-45 kg3900 RMB600 USD

Checked Baggage Regulations

Air China has some very specific regulations concerning checked baggage. First of all, any piece of luggage should be clearly marked both on the inside and on the outside with the personal identification details (name, address, telephone number) of the owner.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the manner in which your baggage will be packed. Air China advises its passengers to properly pack and secure their luggage, in order for it to be loaded, unloaded and transported safely, and also to be resilient to pressure.

Some more specific requirements that you should take into consideration are as follows:

  • Wrapping the baggage into a plastic bag, straw or mesh bag, as well as tying it with a rope is strictly forbidden.
  • Avoid packing extra items in the same checked luggage bag, as this will facilitate a possible crack, if exposed to outside pressure.
  • Try not to pack together two or more luggage bags, as they may come loose and separate.
  • If possible, make use of all the security means your suitcase or travel bag has to offer, for a better protection of your goods.

There are, however, certain items which you are strongly advised not to carry as checked baggage:

  • Travel and identification documents, or important documents of any kind.
  • Valuables, including cash, checks, precious metals and jewelry.
  • Computers or other personal electronic devices.
  • Medication which should be taken regularly.

If you find yourself in need of special transport conditions for your fragile luggage (such as musical instruments, glassware, porcelain etc.), certain fares and conditions will be in effect, and therefore you will need to directly contact Air China’s offices for making the necessary preparations in advance.

Baggage Services

If you just disembarked and, upon baggage delivery, you could not identify your luggage, you will need to immediately report the situation to the baggage service counter in the terminal. If, however, you were unable to make that claim at the airport, you have the possibility of filing a written claim within a maximum of 7 days for damaged baggage and 21 days for lost baggage. Air China will not be held responsible for damage or loss reported later than the time limits given.

After you successfully reported your baggage being lost, Air China will search for it. The client will be informed as soon as any findings come up. The original departure location, as well as all the transit points will be investigated through every channel available.

Air China puts at the traveler’s disposal a Missing Property Questionnaire for completion, in case the previous claim for lost baggage could not be resolved within 72 hours. This is part of a second step taken towards assisting their clients in order for them to find their missing personal property. This form will require, besides your complete personal information, a full description of the lost property and also a comprehensive list of its content. Should you be unlucky enough to lose more than one piece of baggage, you must repeat the procedure for every one of them. After completing the form, you are supposed to email or fax it to the Lost & Found office.

Another useful tool placed at your service is the Baggage Tracer, which can be used to trace your delayed baggage, should it be mishandled. Using only your file reference and name, you can check the current status and location of your luggage.

Air China’s baggage service regarding collection and delivery implies several conditions:

  • If you find yourself unable to pick up your checked baggage in a timely manner, Air China will offer to store your luggage in exchange for a predefined fee.
  • If you do not claim your checked baggage within three months from the moment it was made available, Air China will reserve the right to dispose of it without further notice.
  • The Baggage Identification Tag and the Baggage Check will be required in order for your baggage to reach you.
  • If you cannot present these documents, Air China reserves its right to make further inquiries so they may validate the rightful owner of a particular checked baggage.

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