Air Algerie flying with pets

What is Air Algérie’s policy on pet acceptance?

Air Algérie accepts household pets for transportation in the passenger cabin or baggage compartment of the same flight on which the owner is traveling. Pets are not accepted on flights to the UK.

Transportation of animals is not included in the paid ticket fare, nor in the baggage allowance. You will have to pay an additional fee at the airport or Air Algerie agencies. The additional fee is calculated based on the excess baggage fees, by additional kilo or piece, according to your itinerary.

What responsibilities do I have?

The primary responsibility of an animal owner travelling with Air Algérie is to obtain all the necessary documentation (health certificate and travel permits) for their animal companions.

Secondly, the owner is supposed to supply a leak-proof container in which the animal must reside through the journey, a container suitable enough (as size), so that the animal could move around, and also properly ventilated. This container must be compliant with the animal’s size and breed or nature.

The owner is also supposed to supply an adequate quantity of water and food for the animal, an assessment proportional to the journey’s length and conditions.

Carry-on Pets

Only small pets under 6 kg are accepted in the passenger cabin: dogs, cats, small birds, hamsters, turtles, etc. Transportation must be in a closed waterproof and ventilated container with the maximum size of hand baggage of 115 cm (55 + 40 + 20 cm). The container must be placed at the passenger’s feet and represents the only cabin baggage of the passenger.

Checked Pets

If your pet cannot travel in the cabin because the restrictions are not met (either the weight exceeds 6 kg, or the container size exceeds 115 cm), the pet must be transported in the hold. Animals are transported in a warm and pressurized compartment, so travel in the hold provides all necessary guarantees.

Service Animals

Service Animals traveling on Air Algérie flights will be transported in the passenger cabin. Dogs trained to assist the blind and deaf will be carried in the cabin travel at the feet of their master, provided they are properly harnessed and muzzled and have all required travel documents.

Unlike all the other animals carried on board of an Air Algérie flight, Service Animals will be transported free of charge.

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