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Worst Flight Ever! The seat pitch is 26" not 28" like spirit adverstising says. Even I, standing 5 foot hated it. The flight at the beginning on the website was $32. I forgot to print my boarding pass: $6.99. We are now at $38.99, still cheap. I bought my bag online, $50. Its now at $88.99, still good. Then, I chose to upgrade for this hop($130), but when I got there, the check in person…

More reviews for Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 178PAX
0 Helpful votes
Seat 10A
From New York - La Guardia (LGA)
To Orlando - Orlando International (MCO)

Very good flight. I was in 2B. It was a lay flat seat, although I did not use it. The low back massage was a great plus. The seat was a little firm but was not bad. The service was very good and I never had to ask for anything. I would book this seat again.

More reviews for Delta Airlines Boeing B767 400ER (76D)
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Seat 2B
From Atlanta, GA - Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International (ATL)
To San Diego - San Diego International Airport (SAN)

Trångt i stolarna, Trångt för benen (är 1,89 lång) Flygning mellan Arlanda och Aqaba 5 tim. ingen mat serverades, inte ens de smörgåsar som utlovats, endast DYRA småkakor läsk och alkohol i olika varianter. Hemvägen serverades dock sandwich, men 8 och 10 jod för en liten macka är ordentligt i överkant på ett flyg. Faktiskt en av de sämre av alla flygningar vi gjort . Ingen underhållning under flygningen. Personalen utförde sitt arbete bra. Det…

More reviews for Royal Jordanian Airbus A320 200
0 Helpful votes
Seat 22b
From Stockholm - Arlanda (ARN)
To Aqaba - King Hussein Intl (AQJ)

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