Continental Airlines baggage amendments

Continental Airlines which is based in Houston, United States, has amended its checked baggage charges. Continental Airlines baggage amendments will accept 2 pieces of checked luggage. Continental Airlines will charge a minimum of $23 for its checked luggage. On certain routes for example to Hawaii, Canada amongst others Continental Airlines will also charge a fee for its 1st checked luggage bag.

Source: Continental Airlines

American Airlines check-in baggage

American Airlines has improved its check-in baggage charges. For the first baggage check-in will be free of charge while travelling with American Airlines. However, the second bag checked has a charge of $50. The checked bag charges is applicable for American Airlines flights to and from United States to and from Belgium, France, England, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Source: American Airlines

WestJet flights to US onboard baggage

Passengers are allowed a limited luggage onboard WestJet for flights to the US. This policy has been imposed by the authorities of US Transportation. Passengers who are travelling onboard WestJet to US will have their bags checked in and on carry-on luggage will be allowed. Due to the lately revised security measures, WestJet passengers booked traveling to the US should reach the airport at least two hours before the departure time of their flight.

Source: WestJet

British airways baggage policy

British airways has just released its new baggage policy for passengers travelling in World Traveller on flights to and from the Americas. But except for Brazil it have a free allowance of one baggage weighing of no more than 23kgs. Means, that the World Traveller allowance is the same for the mass of British Airways routes. British airways baggage policy applies for World traveller customers travelling to Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and connecting flights between India and the USA, Canada, Bermuda retain a two-bag allowance up to 23kgs per bag. On the other side, onboard British airways we also have in-flight meal facilities. Where passengers travelling on Domestic flights to and from London Heathrow, we offer a praising drinks service mid-morning and mid-afternoon.