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Flights Emirates Medinah

As from 31st October 2010, Emirates will launch to its passengers flights from Dubai to Medinah. Emirates flights will depart from Dubai at 0115hrs and will land in Medinah at 0315hrs. The return flights will then leave from Medinah at 0445hrs and will reach Dubai at 0815hrs. Emirates will offer three flights on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to Medinah from Dubai besides the four weekly flights currently operated. Therefore together with these flights Emirates will fly from Dubai to Medinah on a daily basis as from 31st October 2010. Emirates flights to Medinah from Dubai will be ensured by an Airbus A330-200. Furthermore, with the Airbus A330-200 seat configuration, passengers will be offered with a three class configuration with 12 seats in First class, 42 seats in Business class and 183 seats in Economy class. At last, with Emirates seat availability, passengers would have the possibility to have more seats pitch onboard the aircraft

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Emirates Airline Airbus A380-861

LOT Polish flights Damascus

LOT Polish Airlines, passengers will provide with new flights to the capital of Syria, Damascus from Warsaw. LOT Polish Damascus flights will be effective as from 2nd November 2010. LOT Polish flights will depart from Warsaw at 2230hrs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and will touch down the soil of Damascus at 0310hrs the next morning. The return flights will then leave from Damascus at 0400hrs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and will land in Warsaw at 0700hrs. The flights to Damascus from Warsaw will be ensured by LOT Polish Embraer 175. For the launching of these flights, LOT Polish proposes air ticket Damascus at a promotional air fare of £246. At last, with LOT Polish seat availability, passengers would have the possibility to have access with more seat pitch onboard its aircraft.

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LOT - Polish Airlines / Polskie Linie Lotnicze - SP-LDC - Embraer ERJ-170-100ST 170ST

Virgin Atlantic launching flights Las Vegas

The airline based in the United Kingdom Virgin Atlantic will launch flights between Manchester and Las Vegas. Virgin Atlantic flights Manchester Las Vegas will be carry out flights twice weekly. Virgin Atlantic Boeing B747-700 seat configuration onboard the aircraft will offer passengers with 14 Upper Class Suites, 58 Premium Economy and 379 Economy seats will operate flights between Manchester and Las Vegas. Virgin Atlantic passengers flying in Premium Economy will benefit from check-in and priority boarding. Virgin Atlantic seat availability onboard services are offering seat pitch of 80 inches in Business Class and in Economy Class, Virgin Atlantic is offering its passengers seat pitch of 32 inches.

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Air France launching La Première

Air France is now launching its La Première to its passengers who would be offer more privileges.  Passengers that will travel onboard of La Première cabin Air France can access the lounge of La Première, fine cuisine and wines. Air France’s Boeing 777-300 is the aircrafts that are equipped with La Première cabin.  The destination and the departure terminal do not matter to passengers flying in La Première cabin as they are met individually in front of the 2E Terminal exit 12. Passengers who are seated in La Première cabin will have a large choice of Air France in flight entertainment which will be fully accessible to all the passengers travelling through this aircraft

Source: Air France

Airbus A330-300 of Singapore Airlines

The flag carrier of Singapore, Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A330-300 will now take the skies to the Middle East, North and West Asia. Effective as from 28th March 2010, the Airbus A330-300 of Singapore Airlines will fly to Abu Dhabi, Jeddah and Kuwait. Moreover, as from 28th April the Airbus A330-300 of Singapore Airlines will fly to Fukuoka and Taipei and as from 1st May to the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo. Currently, the Airbus A330-300 flies to Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth in Australia and to Nagoya and Osaka in Japan. The Airbus A330-300 of Singapore Airlines has a two class configuration, 30 seats in business class and 255 in economy class. As in-flight entertainment, Singapore Airlines offers a wide selection of movies, games and also iPhone and iPod connection in every seat incorporated even in economy class. To recall, Singapore Airlines offers air tickets to Delhi that will host the Commonwealth games this year.

Source: Singapore Airlines

Copa Airlines Boeing 737-800

Copa Airlines, a leader in Latin American aviation has just takes delivery of two Boeing 737-800 Aircraft. Copa Airline 737-800 has seats of 160 passengers. In which the Boeing 737-800 has 16 seats in the Clase Ejecutiva (Business Class) and 144 in the main cabin. Furthermore, the comfortable onboard the aircraft has a spacious interior, large overhead compartments. Concerning the in-flight entertainment it has a 12-channel audio-visual entertainment system.

Source: Copa Airlines

Finnair new Airbus A330 together with a new Business Class

Couple of days before Christmas, Finnair just received its fifth Airbus A330-300 aircraft. Finnair Airbus A330 has redesigned its business class throughout. Finnair Airbus A330 new Business Class has a new type of full-flat seat, which lie down to fully horizontal. Furthermore, Finnair Airbus A330 has redesigned a new lay-out with more seats. This new option would be very beneficial for our passengers as it would offer more privacy than before. The new lay-out also allows for a better seat-pitch for the passengers.

Source: Finnair

Iberia Airlines A-321 seat pitch

Passengers onboard Iberia Airlines Airbus A 321 who is travelling from Spain and to the Balearic and Canary Islands in Business Class has the advantage for more Seat pitch, as the centre seat is always left empty. Iberia’s Airlines A-321 Business Class offers to its passenger’s one of the best flight conditions on the airline market. Their seat pitch has been made up in such a way to makes their passengers to feel comfortable and maximizes the Seat pitch for each passenger onboard A-321. With Iberia Airlines A- 321 Business Class, passengers earn more Iberia plus point and obtain many other privileges such as the check-in at exclusive counters, use of VIP lounges and more generous luggage allowance. At last, Iberia Airlines allow to its passenger of an excellent in-flight service and in-flight entertainment.

Source: Iberia Airlines

Seat Pitch onboard Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines First Class cabin at the front of the aircraft has just 14 seats, arranged in seven pairs. Japan Airlines First Class is very spacious which will allow passengers to move freely. The first Class Seats is approximately 130cm (approx 51 inches) and seat widths are enough (about 53 cm, 21 inches). While, the armrests is approximately 33cm (approx 13 inches). Japan Airlines seats offers to its passengers only 14 seats for the First Class in most of the planes of Japan Airlines. Japan Airlines also offer an excellent in-flight service as well as an in-flight entertainment to its passenger while travelling in First Class.

Source: Japan Airlines

KLM Airlines extra seat pitch.

The KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Company has given the passengers the ability to book their seat online. With this new service, passengers can book their seat 90 day before their flight. For this autumn, it will be possible to book seats with more seat pitch up to 90 days before departure. With KLM Airlines seat configuration allow you to book a seat with seat pitch for a greater comfort. KLM Airlines seat pitch passengers can reserve a seat with seat pitch or one in a row of only two seats when you check-in online or at a self-service check-in or transfer machine at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Passengers can get full access with our in-flight service anytime they wish to have any particular need or demand onboard.

Source: KLM Airlines