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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Miami flights

Based in Netherlands, the airline KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will offer passengers flights to Miami. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Miami flights from Amsterdam will be launched on the 27th March 2011. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flights will take off from Amsterdam at 1510hrs and will reach Miami at 1910hrs. The return flights will then leave from Miami at 2115hrs and will arrive in Amsterdam at 1205hrs. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will operate four weekly flights to Miami on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays ensured by the carrier’s MD-11 configured in three classes with 24 seats in World Business Class, 38 seats in Economy Comfort Class and 223 seats in Economy class where passengers will be offered a large choice of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines onboard services. At last, with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines seat availability, passengers would have the possibility to have more seats pitch onboard the aircraft.

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Singapore Airlines flight to Zurich

Singapore Airlines will start again its flight to Zurich as from 28th April 2010 after all the eruption in Iceland. Singapore Airlines flights will departure from Singapore at 0310 hrs. The aircraft will then depart from Zurich at 1400hrs. Onboard of these flights to Zurich, passengers will be provided an enjoyable Singapore Airlines in-flight entertainment such as movies, music cds amongst others. Besides Zurich flights, Singapore Airlines also offers air ticket Milan, Frankfurt, Munich, Athens, London, Paris, Rome and a few more European cities.

Source: Singapore Airlines

Volcanic ashes flights cancellation

Since 14th April 2010, Iceland is under a volcanic warming. Due to volcanic ashes, many companies are cancelling their flights which are schedule to and from Europe. Therefore, passengers are willing to check their flights schedule before proceeding to the airport as their flights have been cancelled due to the volcanic ashes. Companies that are involved in this cancellation of their flights are Emirates, British Airways and many more.

KLM non stop flights between Amsterdam and Hangzhou

As from the 08th May 2010, Netherlands’ national airline KLM will be starting non stop flights between Amsterdam and Hangzhou. Flights Hangzhou Amsterdam KLM will be operated three times weekly. These non stop flights between Amsterdam and Hangzhou with KLM are scheduled to depart Amsterdam on the flight number KL881 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to reach Hangzhou the next day and KLM return flight number KL882 will take off from Hangzhou on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to arrive in Amsterdam on the same day. Hangzhou will be the sixth non stop flights served by KLM. Non stop flights Amsterdam Hangzhou will be ensured by KLM’s Boeing 777-200ER with 283 seats in Economy Class and 35 seats in Business Class. Moreover, KLM in flight entertainment is provided in order to make the journey of passengers on non stop flights between Amsterdam and Hangzhou a pleasant one. KLM onboard services is offering on its non stop flights seat pitch of 30 to 32 inches in Economy Class and pitch 60 inches in Business Class on its non stop flights between Amsterdam and Hangzhou.

Source: KLM

Air Canada additional flights to Jamaica

The national airline of Canada, Air Canada additional flights to Jamaica will be effective as from 3rd May 2010. The Canadian national airline will offer two additional flights per week to Jamaica from Toronto that is Air Canada will fly to Jamaica on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Furthermore, as from 20th June the carrier will offer one additional flight on Sundays to Jamaica. Air Canada offers cheap flights Jamaica from Toronto that will cost as low as £ 96(CAD $149). Besides, these cheap flights passengers will also benefit of a wide choice of Air Canada in-flight entertainment onboard of the aircrafts.

Source: Air Canada

British Airways flights delay Bangkok

The flag carrier of United Kingdom, British Airways Bangkok flights delay are likely to happen as protest are going on there. Flights delay Bangkok is likely to be cause between 11th March and 23rd March 2010. Passengers are kindly requested to reach the airport a little earlier. British Airways in-flight entertainment is offered to passengers onboard of its flights. Following these protests, the air ticket Bangkok will be perturbed.

Source: British Airways

Jet Airways flights from Thiruvananthapuram to Dammam

India’s first international airline, Jet Airways will launch daily flights from Thiruvananthapuram to Dammam. The flights of Jet Airways from Thiruvananthapuram to Dammam will take effect as from 28th March 2010. Jet Airways flights 9W 566 will take off from Thiruvananthapuram at 2030 hrs and will touch down in Dammam at 2250 hrs. The return flights 9W 565 will then depart from Dammam at 2350 hrs and will arrive in Thiruvananthapuram at 0715 hrs. While being in the skies passengers will not be bored as a wide choice of Jet Airways in flight entertainment is offered. To recall, Jet Airways also offers air ticket Jeddah , Kuwait amongst others.

Source: Jet Airways

Additional flights Paris with Malaysia Airlines

The national airline of Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines will offer additional flights to the French capital, Paris from the Malay capital, Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Airlines Paris additional flights will be available as from 28th March 2010. The carrier will offer two daily nonstop additional flights to Eiffel Tower city in France. Malaysia Airlines will take off from Kuala Lumpur at 11.35 pm and will reach Paris at 06.40 am the following morning. Passengers flying from Kuala Lumpur to Paris will not feel bored as a large choice of Malaysia Airlines in flight entertainment is offered. As European cities, Malaysia Airlines offers air ticket Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburg, Manchester, and London amongst others.

Source: Malaysia Airlines

Emirates flight from Dubai to Dakar

Based in United Arab Emirates, Emirates will offer new flight from Dubai to the Senegalese capital, Dakar. Flight from Dubai to Dakar with Emirates will be operational as from 1st September 2010. Emirates flight from Dubai to Dakar will be offered five times per week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Emirates flight EK 791 will take off from Dubai at 09.55 hrs and will reach Dakar at 16.00 hrs the same day. Emirates return flight will then leave from Dakar at 17.40 hrs and will arrive in Dubai at 07.15 hrs the following morning. The flight from Dubai to Dakar will be ensured by Emirates’ Airbus A340-300 in a three class configuration; 12 seats in First class, 42 in Business class and 213 in Economy class. Dakar is the third African destination Emirates will fly to from Dubai, the two being Durban and Luanda. While being in the air, a wide choice of Emirates in flight entertainment is offered to passengers in order to make their flight a pleasant one. To remind Emirates also proposes air ticket Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Source: Emirates

Continental Airlines to Maui from Los Angeles

As from 7th March 2010, Continental Airlines will expand its wings to Maui, in Hawaii. Continental Airlines will provide daily flights from Los Angeles to Maui. Continental Airlines will take off from Los Angeles at 5.05 pm and will touch down at Maui at 8.45 pm. The return flight of Continental Airlines will then depart from Maui at 10.15 pm and will arrive in Los Angeles at 5.45 am the next morning. Continental Airlines flights to Maui from Los Angeles will be operated by a Boeing 737-800 of the carrier providing seats for 160 travelers. To recall, Continental Airlines offers air tickets to London Heathrow with three daily flights from Newark and two daily flights from Houston.

Source: Continental Airlines