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TAM Airlines Boeing B777 300ER

Excellent crew, great airline and amazing plane. I flew on seat 24A and found the flight extremely satisfying and the attention of the crew members was absolutely amazing in the air. The entertainment was really good and the changing lights in the cabin was really relaxing. It was probably the first time i ever slept on a plane although it was only for about 20 mins. Tam's crew are so friendly that they even let me have a look inside the cockpit on the return flight Guarulhos - London. There was a queue for the toilets but the small windows on the emergency door kept me distracted and made the time fly by. However, my experience would be a bit better with a little extra legroom but i really dont want to speak negative about TAM. Overall, i would give it a 9/10.

Review was posted on Aug 19 2011 21:08PM
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