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Seat Map Continental Airlines Boeing B737 900

Seat Map Continental Airlines Boeing B737 900

Seating Details


Configuration: 18/149


There are 12 B737-900s in Continental Airline’s fleet. These high bypass ratio turbofan propelled planes cruise at a speed of 530mph and have a seating capacity of 167 passengers.

On B777 flights to Beijing, Delhi, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo and on certain flights to London, Madrid and Paris, BusinessFirst passengers will enjoy a sleeper seat which reclines to a near-flat 170º and is 22” wide. Lumbar support and leg and head rests are adjustable to many positions. They have individual reading lights, power ports, satellite phones and video screens. Economy seats in rows 10-15 on B767-400s and in rows 16-23 on all other B767s as well as rows 17-23 on B777s also have power ports.


Verizon airfones are available on B737s, B757s and select ERJ145s. On the Boeings, fax services are also available. ARINC satellite phones are available on B767s and B777s.


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Jul 13, 2007
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Continental Airlines-Boeing B737 900 Seat Reviews by Administrator
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Seat: 16C
Great Seat. You have plenty of legroom. During take off and landing you cant have any bags on the floor so make sure you embark early enough to find space on the overhead bins. Dont seat on the windows in this row since the exit door sticks out stealing a bit of space from your legroom.
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