Seat Map Cebu Pacific Air Airbus A319

Seat map for Cebu Pacific Air Airbus A319

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Economy Class 156

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Seat 9A
From Davao City International Airport
To Mactan Cebu International Airport

They had crappy seats. Narrow and constricted. The seats don't have the ability to recline, so good luck trying to take a nap! Lavatories were located at the most inconvenient spots: front and back end of the plane. No food not even just peanuts...They were just selling merchandise, Unless you pay premium fees for a pack of crackers or cup noodles! the flight attendants were amateurs compared to Philippine Airlines. Take Seats 11 A onwards. they have the best comfortable seats. Window view might not be too promising though.

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Seat 5C
From Cebu-Mactan-Cebu International (CEB)
To Davao-Francisco Bangoy International (DVO)

Typical. Cebu Pacific is known to have legroom which is under the usual ones, due to it being a low-cost carrier. As with the seat, it is nice to choose this as the lavatory at the front is near, and also, you'll be served first during meal service/selling of meals.

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