Detailed review on Air Canada Boeing B777 300 by Kevin Tunnicliffe

Kevin Tunnicliffe flew with Air Canada Boeing B777 300 from Heathrow to Sydney via Vancouver.
Kevin Tunnicliffe used the Business class and had the seat 2A
The legroom (pitch) was Excellent, seat width was Good, and the seat recline was Excellent. The entertainment during the flight was Very poor and the meal and the drinks served were Excellent. The overall service was Good.

Here is what Kevin Tunnicliffe has to say about the flight:

I enjoyed my flights with Air Canada because the food was excellent and seats were very comfortable. My kids (21 and 17) both profess to dislike airline food but they admitted enjoying the offerings on our flights. I had one of the best steaks I have ever experienced whether on the gorund or in the air. I like the herringbone layout of the seats which are similar to Virgin and Air New Zealand seats. The airline is badly let down by their IFE. There was an abysmally poor selection of movies and many of the other channels failed to work, including the route map. if you are travelling on Air Canada don't rely on the IFE, take a book or DS or whatever. The staff were in the main very good and I mark them down simply because one member of the crew on one of the six legs I flew with Air Canada in August and September was the crew member from hell. She spared every effort to make her passengers comfortable, even to the extent of refusing to fetch me some water because it was "not convenient"!