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TAP Portugal is a national regular airline that was founded in 1945 in Portugal.
TAP Portugal fleet consists of 51 aircrafts with 12 Airbus A330,4 Airbus A340 300 343,17 Airbus A319 Config.2,15 Airbus A320,3 Airbus A321 .
Code share airlines for TAP Portugal are: United Airlines, TAM Airlines, US Airways, Sata Internacional, Air Canada, SATA Air Azores.

Each link below shows detailed seat maps and cabin plans for TAP Portugal on its major flight routes.
TAP Portugal serves 26 countries around the world on routes with flights to Portugal.
TAP Portugal Airbus A319
TAP Portugal Airbus A320
TAP Portugal Airbus A321
TAP Portugal Airbus A330
TAP Portugal Airbus A340

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