Iberia check-in information

How can I check-in for an Iberia flight?

Iberia offers two options in order to do the check-in process, so you can make the reservation of your seat and obtain your boarding pass using any of these two options:

  • Online Check-In.
  • Self Service Check-In.

When must I check-in for my Iberia flight?

It is suggested that passengers arrive at the airport two hours in advance, so they can make the check-in process, check their baggage and access the correspondent gates on time before the flight departs. The Online Check-In service is available from the day before your flight's departure date until 1 hour prior to the scheduled flight time. In the specific cases of Caracas, San Jose and Lagos, the limit time for making the online check-in is 90 minutes before the flight’s departure time.

Online Check-In

This service will be closed starting 1 hour before the scheduled time of flight, having in mind the specific considerations implied in the previous section. This service can be used by all passengers who have electronic or paper tickets, issued for Iberia flights, which have a departure from the airports and as a destination any of the Iberia ones, excluding Russia. If passenger is travelling with a IB4XXX or IB7XXX that are operated by American Airlines or British Airways, he/ she can do the Online Check-in on the Iberia.com site using the booking code which he/she received in the notification email which confirms a purchase. It is also possible for passengers to use this check-in method when travelling on flights with code IB5XXX operated by Vueling.

Passengers will not be able to use the Online Check-in in the following situations:

  • If the trip, including the departure and the destination, has an Iberia flight in connection with an IB5XXX flight operated by Vueling.
  • Codeshare flights, except when the other airline is British Airways, Vueling and American Airlines.
  • When passengers need a special service, for example services for unaccompanied minors, wheelchairs, etc.
  • When passengers need to present their credit card at the airport, they only will be able to make the seat reservation and will not be able to print the boarding pass.
  • If the flight is an Air Shuttle flight.


If you are not under any of the above situations, you can use the Online Check-in service. In order to do that you have to follow 5 easy steps, you only need a tablet or a laptop with internet connection. If you have a Smartphone, you can access Iberia.mobi or download the applications for an Android, a Blackberry or an iPhone.

  • Looking for your reservation. Choose one of the two existing options in order to provide the search information.
    • Reservation code. You will have to know this code or localizer and the passenger’s last name, as it is shown in the same booking.
    • Iberia Plus card number. If you supplied your card number when you made the reservation, you will be able to do the search just by giving your Iberia Plus card number and your PIN code.
  • Choosing your flight. You will be able to choose the flights for which you would like to check-in.
  • Selecting your seat. You will be able to select the seat you desire, next to a window or in the aisle; you can also choose a specific one according to the seat map availability. In case you have your seat already reserved, the check-in will be made with that seat.
  • Validating data. You must verify that all the information provided is correct before the boarding pass issuance.
  • Issuance of the boarding pass. You can print your boarding pass from a PDF document, receive the mobile boarding pass by email or get a SMS which includes a link for you to click and see it or download your boarding pass. One boarding pass copy will be sent for each flight or journey. Moreover, if you have an iPod or iPhone with iOS6 version or higher, you will be able to download the mobile pass in a very easy way to your Passbook wallet.

In order to obtain the mobile boarding pass, log into the “check-in online” since 24 hours before the departure of your flight and start your individual check-in. You can do this from the mobile applications downloaded on your mobile phone. Check the airports in which the service of Online Check-in is available. When you have already gotten your mobile pass, you can take it in your mobile phone and make your way directly to the aircraft, without the need of carrying any other papers. You can use the mobile boarding pass at the check-in counter desk, at the security filters and when boarding the flight. The identification becomes faster and more dynamic, reducing the use of paper for the printing of boarding passes.

At the airport, you can make use of your mobile boarding pass at the check-in desks if you are carrying baggage, at the security checks where you will be able to use the fast track service in order to keep away from queues and at boarding gates for the entrance to the aircraft.

For a more efficient identification, you will only have to locate your mobile phone with the 2D image on the screen, preferably illuminated, close to the mobile boarding passes reader and wait just few seconds until the identification is positive, you will know this because of a light or acoustic sign. In the unfortunate case that you delete the boarding pass from your phone by mistake or it cannot be read properly, you can always get a conventional boarding pass from any check-in kiosk or any Iberia check-in counter available at the airport. The same applies when your phone battery gets discharged or you simply forget your phone at home.

The mobile boarding pass streamlines the waiting time at the airports and makes them better, because when using this type of boarding pass, the identification filters are faster and more effective. Nevertheless, the airline jogs your memory about the fact that the readers do not substitute the security personnel of the airports, or Iberia staff, because these persons may ask you to provide documentation in order to identify yourself in a complementary manner.

If you only have hand baggage to travel with, please corroborate the boarding gate on the screen that display the flight information, pass through the security controls, where you should show your identification documents and your boarding pass, after that you can go directly to the departure gate assigned for your flight.

On the other hand, if you are traveling with baggage that you need to check-in, you must deliver it to the counters who receive baggage, which are only available in Barcelona and Madrid airports; or to the counters that do the check-in process. It has to be done 45 minutes prior to the flight’s departure time. When departing from Madrid, you will need to drop your baggage 55 minutes before the departure time if you are coming out of terminal T4S. After doing that, please head to the verified boarding gate assigned to your flight.

If you want to print your luggage labels, you can do it by using the MyBagTag Service, which will help you to save time. This is available if your flight is a direct one, with no connections, with any Spain cities as origin and destination in flights operated by the Iberia group (Air Nostrum, Iberia Express and Iberia), you can opt for printing your luggage tag in an A4 sheet. Take a unique copy of it, without duplicates or copies, to the fast-drop baggage desk. You will only need to place the printed label folded up inside a plastic cover which will be provided by the airport staff, and that you will be able to use in your next flights. Please join the cover to your luggage and drop it in the fast-drop baggage desk enabled for these matters. After delivering your baggage, you can go directly to your assigned boarding gate.

Self Service Kiosk Check-In

Travel in a more comfortable way, even before departing. Save time with this check-in method that will make your boarding much simpler. Using this service is fast and effortless, first you have to identify yourself and follow the directions which are indicated in the screen. Then you can select your seat if you did not do it when making the reservation. Use this system if you are traveling to any of the Iberia destinations, as long as it does not require immigration procedures, passport verification or another security requirement. If you need to check-in any baggage, please do not forget to go to any check-in counter desk at least 45 minutes prior to the flight’s departure and if you are departing from the city of Madrid, you will have an exclusive zone for the baggage check-in service:

  • Obtain your boarding pass and the baggage tags for your luggage in the hall machines used for check-in with baggage.
  • Deliver your baggage in desks 817-818, 813-814 / 827-828 and 823-824, these are valid also for the online check-in service.
  • Make your way to the boarding gate assigned to your flight.

If you are flying with the Air Shuttle, you also have check-in kiosks specific for this type of flights at your disposal.


It is important to know that all gates close 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Please have take into consideration that flights cannot depart behind schedule because of passengers delay, in this cases the airline may apply to these passengers the cancellation or no show rules, which imply some expenses over the ticket fare.

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