Hawaiian Airlines flying with pets

What is Hawaiian Airlines policy on pet acceptance?

Hawaiian Airlines allows pets to travel in the passenger cabin, as checked baggage, or shipped separately, as cargo.

Service animals are allowed in the cabin, under certain conditions, or as checked baggage, free of charge.

What pets are allowed in the passenger cabin and what as checked baggage?

Only domestic dogs or cats are allowed as pets in cabin, provided that other applicable restrictions are complied.

Hawaiian Airlines accepts only domestic dogs, cats, and household birds as checked baggage, if all other applicable restrictions are complied.

Any other animals are not accepted!

What responsibilities do I have?

You have to make advance arrangements with Hawaiian Airlines, contacting the Reservation Department to make reservation for your pet. The first come, first serve rule applies. Hawaiian Airlines allows a limited number of pets per flight, in the passenger compartment, or as checked baggage, depending on the type of aircraft and route.

You must supply your own pet carrier, insuring that the container meets all governmental requirements for the safe and humane transportation of the animal being transported.

You are responsible for obtaining or your pet a health certificate signed/issued by a licensed/certified veterinarian prior to the first departure date as follows:

  • 14 days prior to travel to Hawaii.
  • 10 days prior to travel from Hawaii.
  • Not required to travel within the State of Hawaii.

You have to assume full responsibility for complying with any applicable laws, customs, and government regulation requirements or restrictions of the country, state, and territory to which the animal is being transported.

Carry-on Pets

Pet containers allowed are “sherpa” or kennel. One passenger can transport only one container, and one container may be occupied by only one adult dog or cat. Up to 2 puppies, or 2 kittens at least 8 weeks, but no more than 6 months, may be carried in one kennel, provided they comply with the maximum weight restriction. Your pet must remain in the container, and the container must be stored beneath the seat in front of you.

Pet carrier weight and size restrictions:

  • Maximum weight: 25 lbs / 11 kg.
  • Maximum length: 16 inches / 40 cm.
  • Maximum width: 10 inches / 25 cm.
  • Maximum depth: 9.5 inches / 24 cm.

Route restrictions:

  • Not accepted on flights into Hawaii, due to quarantine restrictions set by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.
  • Not accepted on International flights.
  • Not accepted on flights to/from JFK.
  • Accepted on Neighbor Island flights, and Hawaii to North America flights (except JFK).


For pets traveling in the passenger cabin, Hawaiian Airlines charges the following fees one-way, per kennel:

  • $ 35 – within the State of Hawaii, if in lieu of one piece on carry-on.
  • $ 175 – for flights from Hawaii to North America.

All fees subject to change.

Checked Pets

If you want to check-in your pet, you need a hard-sided container complying with the following size restrictions:

Type of aircraft Length (inches) Width (inches) Height (inches)
B717 30 24 26
B767 / A330 40 27 30

Pet acceptance as checked baggage is subject to weight limitation. Hawaiian Airlines does not allow a weight over 70 lbs / 32 kg for the pet and kennel. If maximum weight exceed, you may use the cargo shipment option and refer to Hawaiian Airlines Cargo.

Additional conditions regarding route, temperature, embargo period, snub nose dogs and cats, etc., apply to the acceptance of animals as checked baggage.

Hawaiian Airlines allows maximum 3 pets per flight, for all types of aircraft on first come, first serve basis. One passenger may check-in more than one pet, as long as the aircraft limitation is not exceeded and kennel requirements are met.


For pets traveling in the baggage compartment, Hawaiian Airlines charges the following fees one-way per kennel:

  • $ 60 – within the State of Hawaii.
  • $ 225 – for all other flights.

All fees subject to change.

Service Animals

Service animals are accepted based on the credible verbal assurance from the Qualified Individual with a Disability that the animal is a trained service animal, or written documentation.

Current documentation must be provided when traveling with an animal that is used as an emotional support or psychiatric service. Although Hawaiian Airlines Emotional considers support and psychiatric service animals to be service animals, other rules may apply in different states and/or countries, and you must check with the local government agencies for entry requirements.

Properly harnessed or leashed, service animals are confined to sit in the lap, or in the space under the seat. If a service animal requires the leg space of a second seat, the passenger must purchase it at full fare, but can refund it without a fee if space still available in the day of departure. If no accommodation can be made to fit safely in the cabin, the service animal must be checked as baggage.

For more information on Household Birds acceptance see here.

For more information on Hawaiian Airlines pet acceptance policies, see Domestic/International Contract of Carriage.