Edelweiss Air flying with pets


1. What are the transport methods for pets provided by Edelweiss Air?

Yes, animals are allowed in the passenger cabin or checked as baggage, in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

2. What are the kennel requirements?

These are the sizes and prices of the dog transportation kennels:

- Small, 4kg, CHF 110.-
- Medium, 6kg, CHF 140.-
- Intermediate, 8kg, CHF 190.-
- Large, 11kg, CHF 240.-
- Extra-large, 14kg, CHF 290.-

Please call your travel agent or Edelweiss Air for any additional information regarding pet travel.

3. Can I take my pet in the passenger cabin?

Dogs and cats may travel with you in the aircraft cabin if they are kept in a suitable container (max size 55 x 40 x 20 cm, with sufficient air supply (see example pictures), that weighs max 8 kg with content. During the entire flight neither the head of the animal may look out of the transport container nor is the animal allowed to leave the container.

4. What kind of health documents do I need for my pet?

Passengers are responsible for obtaining the necessary documents/certificates and health certificates. Please get the information in time about immigration rules of animals here.

5. What are the fees Edelweiss Air is charging for pet transport services?

The pet is weighed together with the container and your baggage at check-in; excess baggage is charged at the regular excess baggage rate.