Corsair flying with pets


1. What are the transport methods for pets provided by Corsair?

Corsairfly allows pets to travel in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage.

2. Can I take my pet in the passenger cabin?

Service dogs are allowed in the passenger cabin as long as they are properly muzzled and harnessed, while other animals should be kept in a cage that has maximum dimensions of 115 cm.

3. How can I take my pet with me as checked baggage?

Pets that do not qualify for travel in the passenger cabin can be checked as baggage, but the maximum weight of the animal and its container is 50kg. If you cannot comply with that, your animal must travel alone on a freighter.

4. What are the kennel requirements?

Please call the airline for information regarding kennel requirements.

5. What kind of health documents do I need for my pet?

On most routes, the following documents are required when travelling with a pet:

- an anti-rabic certificate given by your veterinary surgeon
- a certificate of tattooing or identification by electronic chip
- the health record or the up to date passport of your animal.
- a certificate of good health going back to less than 5 days at the date from the voyage

Please contact your veterinarian and call the airline for more information.

6. Are there any other pet-related restrictions with Corsair?

The transport of American Staffordshire Burrow, Rottweiller and Tosa is forbidden on all the destinations served by Corsairfly. Various specific requirements apply to other races. Please contact the airline for more information.

7. What are the fees Corsair is charging for pet transport services?

Pets travelling in the cabin are included in the free carry-on allowance, and the ones travelling as cargo are subject to a fee of EUR 15/kg or EUR 150 when charged as excess item.