Bulgaria Air Baggage and Carry-on


Find below Bulgaria Air approved luggage and carry-ons!

What is Bulgaria Air policy regarding hand baggage?

Passengers of Bulgaria Air have the right to carry one piece of hand baggage with a maximum weight of 10 kg and dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm. Besides the hand baggage allowance, the following items are allowed in the passenger cabin: books and newspapers for in-flight reading and canes or crutches.

What is Bulgaria Air policy regarding checked baggage?

The baggage policy of Bulgaria Air is set by the Piece Concept. The weight of any piece of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg. Any piece of baggage that weighs more than this maximum weight will be accepted only as cargo.

Passengers of Bulgaria Air are entitled to a free baggage allowance depending on the travel class:


 Travel Class Free Baggage Allowance
 Economy Class 1 piece - maximum 23 kg and 158 cm
 Business Class 2 pieces - maximum 23 kg and 158 cm each one
 The maximum size is the sum of the external length, width, and height of the baggage.


Excess Baggage

Baggage that exceeds the limits of the free baggage allowance is subject to an additional charge:


 Excess Baggage Excess Baggage Fees
International Flights Domestic Flights
 Overweight Baggage  23 -32 kg EUR 50 EUR 20
 Oversized Baggage  158 - 203 cm EUR 70 EUR 30
 Additional Baggage (up to
 23 kg and 158 cm each piece)
 2nd piece (Economy Class only) EUR 50 EUR 20
 3rd piece EUR 100 EUR 50


Sports Equipment

Bulgaria Air allows its passengers to carry sports equipment as normal checked baggage, as long as its weight does not exceed 23 kg, and the sum of its dimensions is smaller than 200 cm. As an exception, traveling with a pair of skis is being charged with an extra fee of EUR 30, on international flights, and EUR 20, on domestic flights.

Sometimes, Bulgaria Air may offer free transportation of certain sports equipment on some flights. For last minute information, please contact Bulgaria Air directly.

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