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Baggage and Carry-on Air Europa


1. What is the carry-on allowance?

Each passenger is allowed to carry one piece of luggage not weighting more than 9 kg in Economy Class and 12 kg in Business Class, with a maximum size of 55 x 35 x 25 cm.

In addition to the above, Air Europa allows each passenger to carry a personal item on board, such as a handbag, overcoat, umbrella, walking stick, a small camera, reasonable amount of reading material and so on.

2. What is the checked baggage allowance?

If no other conditions are specified on your ticket, Air Europa allows you to check 30 kg with a Business Class ticket and 23 kg, if you travel in the Economy Class. For routes where the piece concept applies, the number of items allowed as hold baggage will be printed on your ticket. In both cases, you may not check items heavier than 32 kg/70 lb.

3. What about oversized/overweight and excess luggage fees?

If your ticket corresponds to the “weight system” the cost of the excess kilos will be calculated in accordance with the type of flight. In this case, for scheduled domestic, European and transatlantic flights (with the exception of the USA) the excess baggage charge will be 1.5% of the highest published Economy Class fare in effect at the time of payment of the charge for the route that is to be covered, per kg of excess, no matter your class of travel.

For additional information and details on the fees that apply to excess baggage on routes where the "piece system" applies, please consult Air Europa's information line on 807 50 50 50, or its offices.

4. How does Air Europa handle special items?

Air Europa allows you to travel with some sport items for a flat rate, while other items may be subject to the regular excess baggage fees that apply. Please visit this page or contact the airline for detailed information.