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Flying with Pets - Aeromexico


1. What are the transport methods for pets provided by Aeromexico?

Aeromexico only allows pets to travel as checked baggage in a pressurized and temperature controlled area of the aircraft, the only exception to this rule being service animals, who may travel in the passenger cabin.

2. Can I take my pet in the passenger cabin?

Aeromexico only allows service animals to travel in the passenger cabin.

3. How can I take my pet with me as checked baggage?

To qualify for travel as checked baggage, your pet should have all the health documents required by your destination and should be able to remain in the kennel comfortably for the duration of the entire flight. Only domesticated cats, dogs, and small caged birds are allowed.

4. Are there any other pet-related restrictions with Aeromexico?

The minimum age for dogs and cats travelling as checked baggage is 8 weeks.

5. What kind of health documents do I need for my pet?

You should contact the destination country to find out more about the health documents needed for your pet.

6. What are the fees Aeromexico is charging for pet transport services?

Aeromexico charges the following fees for pet transport: $45 USD within Mexico, $90 USD To/From Mexico, $120 USD To/From Europe, Central and South America, and $220 USD for flights To/From Asia.

7. What are the kennel requirements?

The kennel must be made of metal, wook, or hard plastic/composite, leak- and escape-proof, properly ventilated, but without allowing any part of the animal to protrude outside of the container. Additionally, the kennel must provide enough room for the pet to stand and turn around, and it should contain absorbent material or litter. At last, the kennel should be securely closed, but not locked, while upright labels indicating the correct position and labels with the words "Live Animal" should be placed on it.